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    Faces to names

    Who me ??? ??? ???
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    Bagged render

    Cheers Wizz'o
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    Bagged render

    Hi mate,i'm down near west London,just need some bags of genral purpose render,not through renders
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    Bagged render

    Any one know what builders merchants IE:Travis,Jewsons Etc stocks bags of CPI or such like general purpose render Ta
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    Best song to skim to.....?

    Yeah you know that bruv,init ;D
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    Best song to skim to.....?

    Chooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon ;)
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    Best song to skim to.....?

    Yeah now your talking ;D 808 state,sl2 on a ragga tip,ols skool rave tunes.Acideeeeeeeeeeeed ;D ;D
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    Faces to names

    Dont listen to Shreik,he's just winker
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    Undercut Big Time

    LMAO ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
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    eml .............. you b*****d!!!!!!!!!!

    thats all you do ,you lazy fecker
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    Not far fella...i'm in Bollywood Slough ;D ;D
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    Where abouts in west london you from spredz???
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    Seriously large

    I've never nicked any of your work simps ???
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    Faces to names

    You really need to double up on those boards...there not that strong you know
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    Faces to names

    Who's that???
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    Seriously large

    By who!!!
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    Join the "I hate multi finish" fan club

    f**k**g hell,some one who's actually older and balder than me!!!! ;D ;D and no smart arse remarks from you fridge muching tubbies :D :D
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    Join the "I hate multi finish" fan club

    makes a nice mix with half a bag of each
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    Monkey rekons he's a right f**k**g PORKER all ways troughing out ;D ;D
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    one cam-lock trowel for sale

    Phippsy your just not right!!!!! ;)
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    Kebab King gets that as well,but thats because he keeps sticking it where he shouldn't ;D
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    You lot are all a bunch of CANTS,i would never say things like that about my best mate.And for your information Mr jj tele-tubby,wizards nose does not glow like Rudolph!!!!!!!
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    Re: (german word)E Thats cos your a cant,one coat wonder ;D ;D
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    flattening in

    And he's fat and ugly, and rekons your a c**t ;D
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    And bald ;D ;D
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    " FAT" ;D
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    toyota hiace

    Are you sure it's just the van that looks older ;D ;D
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    Fixing external bead !!

    With a little help from SBR ;D ;D ;D ;D
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    Does anyone want a me and my machine to help on a job?

    as an idea, does about 15-18 bags of hardwall an hour, get about 60-80 meters of skim on in about half hour. thats with 2 people. Thats nearly as fast as my mate!!!!!
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    training please help

    And fixing wheel chair tyres ;)
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    training please help

    Yeah it was paul whitehouse,harry enfield got the idea from some lads working round his house,and they used to pick the money up from him in the flash moters on a friday,Hense "LOADS OF MONEY" ;D ;D
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    work through christmas

    And his nose is RED
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    work through christmas

    "OH NO I DID"NT"
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    Nah...just wears um out quicker :D
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    Plasterer Windsor Area

    It was not me!!!! Honest :o :o ;D
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    Hello ladies!

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    Plasterer Windsor Area

    Wahayyyyy....Windsor thats my Manor :D :D
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    Plaster calculater Seen this
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    h section

    Would it do the same for kebab Kings Belly Lol :)
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    Ha that will never take off!!!! plastering with a machine.....what ever next ;D
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    selling business

    So why are you selling up Steve,if its that profitable!!!!
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    Rendering , old pics

    Whose that thin fellow holding the steps with a full head of hair :D :D ;D ;D
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    M.Y Handboard

    Are they the same as those "HAWKS" Lol
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    plastering over wood chip style lining paper

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    Needs to up he's game a bit ;D ;D ;D
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    100 metres roughly in 4 hrs!!!!! ??? ???
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    dabs to a board

    was ona site once and the sparky's thought it would be funny to mix some Micky pins in our finish,they did'nt look so smug when we cut their wires and float and set the walls ;D have you ever seen 10 sparky's rushing around with mutli meters trying to trace cables!!!!! serve the f**k**s right ;D...
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    And a hawk ;D ;D ;D ;D
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    Can Anyone Explain This

    More than likely on about rated Tradesmen/my Builder/My hammer type websites