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    ewi domestic rates

    What's the go between rates for EWI on domestic jobs, I know what I charge and I make good money but I want to get an idea as to where I fall in the sales spectrum ie cheap or too expensive. Understand that thickness in board changes the price etc so for arguments sake say 90mm eps boards...
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    baumit edelputz spezial thin coat textured render

    Has anyone used this if so what's it like as a cheap alternative to silicone textured finish
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    Hi all names tom run a company called ScotRend up near Glasgow figured i say hello as i was made aware of my rudeness lol i specialise in rendering and ewi but also a plasterer for 15 years so if anyone needs advice feel free to ask
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    Acrylic Render

    Where to start, well basically im used to rendering using wetherby premium scrim adhesive and i find the top coat sponges like a dream perfectly smooth as its thin coat, however i'm looking for a similar style of render but in a colour variety is there such a thing... I usually silicone textured...