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    Mf ceilings

    Hi all, whats your lot charging for mf ceilings to take a 15 mm vapour board with a 400mm drop,not area. Thanks in advance
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    unhappy client,texture finish

    Bit of help if you could chaps,did a job last weekend on front of a house on old brickwork,maite/mesh and texture finish,client not happy with the finish,feedback please
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    machine mot

    Been told that some sites now require some sort of mot for machines and pat test,any ideas on prices,pft monojet
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    joddy for sale

    Brand new never used £700 ovno
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    mortar hose

    Anyone know the best place to buy a 10m mortar hose 25mm,in the Nottingham area,new or a good second hand one will do,or csn do a swap for a 18m 35mm,cheers all.
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    EHI rolling down wall

    Rule EHI its rolls down wall,leave it to take in a bit and it rips and then rolls down the wall grrrr any suggestions???