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    Bagged render

    Any one know what builders merchants IE:Travis,Jewsons Etc stocks bags of CPI or such like general purpose render Ta
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    Plaster calculater Seen this
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    Ritmo Vs hand Applyed

    Ok so the ritmo can spray finish,but you only put 1 coat on as opposed to laying on by hand with 2 coats,goes against the grain of what you were taught.What do BG say about applying with machine????
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    How's that new Ritmo then!!!!!! ;)
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    Wear's the cheapest place to get webers then lad's!!!!!!
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    Fella's just doing my level 2 in solid plastering with Gold Trowel.....any one who wants to get it it's "FREE" :D :D :D :D :) :) :)yes thats right free.Its all done with train to gain or something like that where they pay for you to do it. Ring and speak to andy at gold trowel (tell him minty...
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    What are these agencies charging the client,i'm dan saf ;D the going rate from these ****** is anything from £10-13.50 h/r What are they making!!!!!
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    Stilt Stand

    Stick some 4x 22mm copper pipes on the top of your stand to make it the right hight for you when on stilts and put yer board on them Wink
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    Slow down on the work front

    How you guys finding work at the minute!!!!!! must say the phone has not been ringing as much :'(
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    Hello peeps, just signed up,looing forward to chatting to all you super spreads ;) Cheers Minty