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    Morning Gents I’ve somehow got a kink in my Nela Giold mark 11 I normally use it for final cross trowel , again down to personal preference . Any trowels out there you can recommend. I use Marshalltown throughout until it comes to cross trowel . Thx
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    Dewalt DCD240 paddle mixer

    Is there anyone on this forum purchased a Dewalt Paddle Mixer , just wondering what there like for £600 ? Do like the idea of not lugging round 110 transformer though plus extension lead . But does it justify the coin ?
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    Impact driver

    Evening Gents been over boarding ceilings today with 75nm screws I’ve got a Bosch impact driver but it’s been hard work with it , plumber lent me his Makita lithium one & seemed a lot easier . Just getting the feelers out whether to get the Makita one or is there anything better on the market ...
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    Acoustic & sound proof suction

    Good evening chaps , got to skim 2 walls tomorrow one is acoustic the other sound proof , was wondering what the suction is like , customer purchased multi but was thinking I’ll get a few bags of thistle if it’s going to hang around . Thx
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    Marshalltown 16 “ permashape gold

    Good evening chaps has anybody purchased a Marshalltown recently, I’ve been to Screwfix to purchase a 16” this morning & all 3 that I looked at when you eye it down the edge of the trowel are bent as a bag of crisps .I know they’ve got a bit of flex in them , just wondering if they’re all like...
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    Sand cement

    Good afternoon chaps I’ve just sand cemented a couple walls which had issues with damp , the customer put KA tanking slurry on a while ago , I scratch coated it yesterday & put top coat on today & rubbed it up . My question is what finish coat to put on it . A friend I know who’s an old school...
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    Tyzac trowels

    Hi chaps can anyone recommend a decent carbon steel Tyzac trowel , I’ve always had Marshalltown & a few Nelas etc , but out of curiosity I’d like to give one a try , I heard they used to be a good trowel back in the 80s but not sure if that’s the case now or not ? Thx
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    Barrelled Reveals

    Afternoon chaps , just like to find out different methods of curved reveals “barrelled” Looked at a job the other day although I’m not going to do it as it’s a big project . Would like to know your take on them . At the moment it’s all boarded square around all the windows...
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    Skimming Buckets

    Good evening gents , looking to get a decent skimming bucket with a handle , I’ve got a Refina 50 ltr , just wanted a 30ltr preferably with a decent bottom not those thin flimsy ones from Wickes Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thx
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    Carlite finish

    Morning as we are all aware Multi finish is like dinosaur poo unless you want to pay £40 a pop . Just asking out there if anyone has used carlite finish & what is it like to work with compared to multi finish ? I’ve been offered some carlite finish next week from a merchants as he reckons it’ll...
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    Plasterboard wrong way up

    Good evening gents , not long back from doing a quote for a customer . They’ve had a friend /builder in to do the works , he’s studded ceiling & walls celotexed it etc . Problem being he has not only nailed everything his managed to put the boards...
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    Nail Pouch

    Good afternoon Gents hope your enjoying this lovely weather . I’m looking for a decent nail bag / pouch etc . Just purchased a Stanley one but not too sure if the pockets are deep enough to be honest . Ideal if your going to the bar for a round . I thought this would come with a belt but not...
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    Quick drying cement

    Good evening Gents , I was wondering what the work time was if I used quick drying cement on a small tanking job a customer wants me to do for him . Wanted to ideally scratch it & top coat it without waiting all day to give it a top coat . Is this something that you would recommend or not . Thx...
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    Back up paddle mixer

    Good evening Gents hope everyone is having a chilled weekend , before the grind tomorrow. Looking at purchasing a back up paddle mixing drill to my Alfro Eibenstock. I know it’s all down to personal preference and cash flow, but didn’t want...
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    Thistle Bond it v PVA

    Hi Guys getting my teeth into plastering 2 Victorian Terraces Houses starting as of next week . As mostly I do domestic plastering I’m in & out within a few days depending on the size of the job . So normally go down the route of 2 coats of PVA . As you know Terraced houses are old lime & dry...
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    Existing Arch Wall Cracking

    Hi guys just after a bit of advice if possible please . Last August I did some plastering work for a kitchen fitter who I do regular work for . There was a was a big arch from the kitchen to the living room & the customer wanted it blocking off . The carpenter used a studwork method & then...