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    Renderer wanted Poole/Bournemouth area

    Renderer needed to join a gang of spray renderers. experience needed. a mix of price and daywork. mostly new builds and some refurbs. message me if interested.
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    experienced renderer, Poole/bournemouth

    Looking for an experienced renderer to work in Poole Bournemouth area with a local spray render company. Possible full time. must be self employed , have own transport. Mix of price and daywork. Get in touch if interested.
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    CPI General Purpose Render

    Has anyone used this a lot... any good? Do you need to scratch coat it first or can it be sprayed in one go (two passes)? Does the blockwork grin through if you dont scratch coat it first? Comments appreciated.
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    Looking for beginner/improver, Poole, Dorset.

    Looking for someone to join our team at entry level for an expanding spray render & plastering company in Poole, Dorset. Must be able to drive, have some basic tools,and willing to work on a self employed basis. Work is generally local to Poole and Bournemouth. You will be taught how to use a...
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    Parex monorex

    For Sale. 36 bags of Parex Monorex GM Colour - Mouse Grey £150 Can use to dub out, or as a contrast colour ect Pick up from Poole, Dorset E-mail if you're interested, as I'm not always on here Cheers
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    Looking for a bit of advice on how to dose this using a mtec300, as the water supply is constantly filling the butt up (butt with stop cock) Is anyone using accelerator with an electric machine? How is it done? 2-3 butts for a spray - pre dosed? Its getting towards that time of year when when...
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    Knauf MP75

    Anybody using this at the mo' ? I'll be using it next week for the first in a few years. Is it still nice and creamy to use? Was told by someone that it slumps a lot and doesn't close in as it used to. ??
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    SM700 Pro

    Has anyone had any experience finishing this stuff to recieve paint, like a plain face s+c render? Its on Aquapanel, so it'll be fully meshed and using 6mm beads. Any tips would be appreciated.
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    Parex - same day/next day scrape

    Got a Parex mono job to do next week (hopefully no rain) Just wondering if any one has done a next day scrape as the tempretures aren't that warm at the mo. Don't Know wheather to risk it or not. Its on brickwork with monogris basecoat.
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    Lafarge G-Tec Render Board

    Has anybody had any experience with this product? Thinking of using it on a timber framed house instead of Aqua panel. Its lighter and easier to cut but I'm a bit dubious about it - cause it looks and feels like plasterboard. Does it take both mineral and acrylic systems?
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    Is This Stuff suitable to be painted on old, solid, painted pebbledash? then on top with a polymer render and mono? who supplies it what does it cost? Heard a few poeple mention it, must be good gear
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    Kingspan K5 external insulation board

    Need some advice regarding the fixing of this stuff. The way that I know is that the board, whatever make/firm, is fixed with bedding adhesive and then (depending on substrate) mechanically anchored with hammer fixings. The job I've just priced for has been insulated by the builder. Its directly...
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    K-Rend Acrylic Thin Coat Render

    Just Priced a job for this stuff, Has any one used it. Used the Knauf stuff before, suppose its exactly the same?
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    Frost bitten render!

    Did a job late november last year, heard nothing from it since then until recently. Apparently its shelling off, but only the top 2mm or so. I havent looked at it yet, but it sounds like the frost got it. Does any one know of a product that can fill the patches that have to be scraped off...
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    Rate for Marmorit

    Does any one know what the going rate for marmorit base render and top coat is? fully meshed. cheers
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    marmorit render systems

    Has anyone used the marmorit silicone resin render (1.5mm grain). Need to know what sort of standard you need to get the backing coat to after ruling, I.E scraped and sponged, or just spatted, or spatted and sponged ect...?
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    K-Rend Problems

    Has any one had any problems with powder getting damp and compacting in the lower half of the hopper (M-Tec 300) thus delivering a load of piss. And does the age of material have an effect? Had loads of probs today kept turning the water down but it wouldn't stiffen up - started off at 740...