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  1. simmons84

    Skimming advice

    Hi all, I'm redoing our little toilet which was tiled, having removed the tiles I'm left with quite a mess underneath, any suggestions on the best way to prep these walls for skimming? Tia
  2. simmons84

    Looking for a chance in the black country/midlands

    Hi all, I'm currently looking to get into the plastering trade. I'm a 30 year old with a little experience working in the construction industry as a general labourer. I've recently completed a short plastering course to learn the basics and see if its something i would enjoy doing. I'm not...
  3. simmons84

    Looking for work with a spread

    Hi, I've not long completed a 4 day course to learn the basics of plastering. Now I'm looking to learn the trade. I would like to find a spread that is willing to take me on so I can start to work towards my nvq qualification. I'm 30 years old and live in Brierley Hill/Dudley. I also drive so...
  4. simmons84

    New to the site, looking to get into the industry and a general hello.

    Hi, as the the title says I'm new here so play nice lol . Im Craig and from the West Midlands, (Dudley/stourbridge area). Im 30 years old and just been on a 4 day intensive plastering course to learn the basics of the trade and now I'm looking gain more experience/a job with a time served...