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  1. BigBish

    Refina vs marshall town flexi

    Wondering which is best to use for a third trowel ? Been using steel all the way but am keen to give a flexi a go
  2. BigBish

    Ocr question

    Doing 10mm of ocr tomorrow, over a 5mm ocr scratch coat Same day with rapid ? Sponge finish
  3. BigBish

    Ritmo L for sale

    New thread as the old one got a bit muddled with comments ect. 2018 ritmo L just serviced. Waterpump Barrel 20m material 20m air hose 40m water hoses Extension hopper Long and short gun All accessories 2 month old generator ( briggs and stratton ) 5250 ono ( cash, no VAT ) 07821527400...
  4. BigBish

    Seeking firm for internal work as improver.

    I am sick and tired of rendering, have done it for 8 years and while the money in good. Last year I had about 8 weeks off due to weather. Machine is a pain to carry around ect and I want to learn to be a proper plasterer. I have done a fair bit of skimming to a reasonable standard at my home...
  5. BigBish

    Boring weber question

    Pral M tomorrow.. same day or overnight..hmmm Been lucky with fassa recently, but this contractor wanted pral m and its been ages. Any one doing same day and getting done before dark ? Its only 50 odd m2 at 15mm but is rendaided.
  6. BigBish

    Anyone looking for a renderer

    Essex/herts North london. Mainly mono experience
  7. BigBish

    Check out this beauty.

  8. BigBish

    Fassa ki70

    So Whos used it ? Ive sprayed it before, for dubbing out. Sprays well. Ive been asked to price up a lime job, no dpc, had sand cement but fell off after 3 years. Fassa say it can be i bared same as mono. Then floated. Would be easier than putty for sure. Any one used it or similar bagged lime ?
  9. BigBish

    Mate selling his ritmo L

    Hi all A mate of mine is selling his ritmo L Well used, but working perfectly. Always serviced annually. Water butt Material hoses Water pump Air lines Spray lance for mono Hes just not using it, works for a firm which uses a g4 and hasnt used it for months due to not taking on any private...
  10. BigBish

    Spray renderer wanted.

    I sacked my moody, useless mong of a labourer today, caught him on his phone again and got a load of lip. I work out of essex/hertfordshire border. I have a ritmo I have lots of work. Who wants a job ? Id consider an older labourer who drives but im fed up with babysitting moody teenagers
  11. BigBish

    Skimming for a renderer

    Ok so ive been rendering 8 year nearly 9, started with mono but since have become fairly decent with thin coats, ocr and even done a few lyme jobs with good results. I keep getting skimming work offered, and im considering learning to spread internals for when the weathers s**t. Ive done a...
  12. BigBish

    A weather thread to moan in.

    Fkucing weather is costing me a fortune. Has been wet for days and days. And next week is the same. Never known it so bad. Wtf
  13. BigBish

    Walked away from this today. Labour only.

    Why cant you just rendaid the ply board he said ? Whats wrong with bandstands he said ? Told him dom littlewood was hiding in a bush ready to get me if i rendered it. What would you do ?
  14. BigBish

    Generator fuel choice.

    I want to buy a generator for the ritmo L. No problems spraying from the mains, but I wont always have access to mains power. With the price of petrol, are diesel or even LPG generators worth a shot ? Will be aiming for a 9kva maybe 10kva.
  15. BigBish

    Is it f**k*d

    First day with the ritmo l today. Sprayed perfectly and got the job done with out fault. Im up on the scaffold, labourers cleaning machine. I hear the machine make noises it shouldnt, look over and the hopper has come undone when he pumped the last of the material in to the skip. He tilted...
  16. BigBish

    The longest day of my life

    So I had a hand from a member called @vr12 yesterday, to do about 80m2 of fassacouche. The guy turned up late, with no fuel for the genie looking like hed just smoked a joint. I though ffs here we go. So it turns out he didnt put accelerator in the barrel, wont use it apparently. So im...
  17. BigBish

    Hadley Wood 3 weeks work.

    Starting a 350m2 fassa job next week. Ive got a labourer but need someone who can spray, rule ect. Anyone whos interested let me know.
  18. BigBish

    G5c 230v

    Has any one used on of these ? Couldnt imagine 230v being enough for the g5s
  19. BigBish

    Acrylics over painted sand and cement

    Would a Jub primer work over a painted sand and cement render ? The existing render is nearly perfect, but the paint is flaking off as its 15 years old. Must have been done buy decent guys as it still looks reasonable despite this. If I was to mono it, id use parex parinter, would that at 6mm...
  20. BigBish

    German Ebay Are there any differences between the european machines and uk ? The prices are well worth a day trip. Even...
  21. BigBish


    Hi all Ive a wall to level out before beading and topcoating with monocouche. Im using fassa m20 for this. Will i need to add a waterproofer or prime before rendering ?
  22. BigBish

    would a ritmo fit in a transit connect ?

    as above.
  23. BigBish

    Sika accelerator is s**t

    I put 10 litres of this s**t in 15 bags of weber. Still sitting here at 2pm cant even h rule yet.
  24. BigBish

    G5 set up for sale.

    Ive decided to go back on for a local firm, my vans f**k*d, im out of energy and money and i have no labourer. G5 2004 20m hoses Briggs and Stratton generator, serviced recently with a new alternator 20m electric lead New spray lance with switch off 1 month old Spare r&s Machine serviced...
  25. BigBish

    K REND, why does it split ?

    So ive been using this for the first time these last few weeks. Lovely gear to spray and rule, and a c**t to rub up. Been shown how to get the most out of it by the firm im on for. Split like f**k today, top lift only Why
  26. BigBish

    Utiform quattro R&S on a G4/G5

    I know a guy who uses this combo and says he gets up to 20 pallets from them. Any one else who does this ? Im going to try it seems pretty decent for £120
  27. BigBish

    Anyone in herts/essex want a renderer ?

    Vans f**k*d, need a job, fed up with all the expense all the time. So yeah, anyone want a renderer ?
  28. BigBish

    Weber cracked with mesh

    Gents Weber silver pearl at about 10-12mm over roughly 3mm rendaid. Full mesh Hairline cracks above window edges. I used rendaid as it was lightweight blocks, should i be double meshing those stress points ?
  29. BigBish

    Why cant i find a labrador

    Been searching for weeks, job centre, local colleges ect. One lad..17 years old told me he wont labour for less than 100 a day.
  30. BigBish

    What would you do ?

    Its a rendaid and weber job. Would you just dub it out with rendaid ? Mesh over the whole thing ? Worried about cracks. Customer doesnt want an expansion of course.
  31. BigBish

    G5 on ebay G5c for sale on ebay. Compact version wothout a caddy. The guy says the water pump is seized and it lets water through when idle. For 1500 is it potentially a piece of scrap metal ?
  32. BigBish

    Wanted, pft g4

    Says it all really. Not worried so much as looks and age, but if its been looked after.
  33. BigBish

    M200 with generator for sale

    M200 , 1 year old Compressor 39 hours total sprayed. 2 month old 7kva generator with 22 months left on engine guarantee. 20m air and material hose Spray lance with tool kit, sponge balls ect ECT. Small water barrel. 12mm cap and 14mm. £6k ovno
  34. BigBish

    Considering a three phase.

    After a few months with my m200, I can't help but regret not getting a bigger machine. Don't get me wrong, the m200 is great, portable and easy to clean, but I'm being offered large site works, and it's more suited to domestics. Id be looking for a g4, k4 or m300/30 I have the m200, 1 year...
  35. BigBish

    Labourer needed. Cheshunt area.

    Cheshunt Herts Ideally drives Good rates of pay for someone to learn Some working away now and again but more money paid for this.
  36. BigBish

    Wet gear, lost presure. M200

    Hi guys. Bit of a pain, been spraying really wet all of a sudden. Spraying on 8 bar with 10m2 hoses. Suddenly wet gear I tightened the rotor and stator which helped it. For about a minute. Then wet. I fitted a new rotor and stator today, same problem after 5 minutes spraying. Not bridging...
  37. BigBish

    Everbuild accelerator with fassacouche m200

    Ok so after sagging it off. I've been given a couple weeks of fassacouche work. I seriously don't want to leave it on the wall overnight at this time of year. It has to be this stuff as the contractors paying. Also will it f**k my machine up? Or can I just flush it through after ? Thanks for...
  38. BigBish

    How to dispose of a site manager with no mess ?

    So basically I'm going to kill him. Any ideas ?
  39. BigBish

    80m2 bury st edmunds.

    I need a hand this Friday. My labourer will be on the m200 as usual gently pouring the bags in. I ruled and sprayed 55 bags yesterday . Got 80 m2 to do Friday and could use a hand spraying or ruling and scratching. Anyone ? I live near the m25 so can pick up
  40. BigBish

    Rendaid m200 question

    Hi all. Anyone with experience using the m200 for rendaid ? Which water and speed ? Can you get away with putting the mesh in before it blocks ? J
  41. BigBish

    M200 Review

    M200 Review from a three phase user. I have been using three phase machines for many years, including the G4 and K4. I've also used a putzmeister for about 6 months so was a little apprehensive about this machines output. I bought my m200 nearly new. i recieved a days training for free from...
  42. BigBish

    M200 acrylic set up for sale

    Hi all Just bought a nearly new m200 which came with an unused acrylic setup. I don't do thin coats so won't be using it. Happy to see it go for £100 Not sure if it will fit any other mtec machines.
  43. BigBish

    Honda 5kva generator for m200

    Hi all Getting my m200 today. I want to be self sufficient power wise and was wondering if a Honda gx270 5kva would be enough to run my 110v machine. I don't want to rely on homeowners for power as it seems unprofessional. I'd feel much happier with a dedicated power source. Any...
  44. BigBish

    Spraying and ruling..timing and problems

    Hi all Hoping for some input. I've had recent success with two jobs completed and a third underway with Ryan's eze k4. Great bit of kit and a faultless service from p1ss. A few problems early on came from letting the machine any while ruling off each lift, resulting in a jammed stator. So...
  45. BigBish

    Plasterers 1 stop shop

    Went to see these guys today to collect my eze k4 on hire. Blown away by the service and the collective knowledge shared amongst Ryan and his staff. The machine is great and I just felt right at home from the get go when I arrived. They have just won a customer for life and I'll be buying...
  46. BigBish

    Leaving k rend over night

    Hi everyone. I'm sure this has been asked before so apologies there. I'm doing a job where the builders bought k rend. I've not used it much before. The weather's turning s**t again Friday night with Saturday being 0c where I am. So same day scrape isn't going to happen Saturday but I need to...
  47. BigBish

    Seeking reliable labourer/improver for rendering work

    Hi everyone After being let down by a new starter last minute. I'm in desperate need of some help. I've started on my own subbing for various firms with a few private jobs mixed in. I mainly apply monocouche render with some sand cement and skimming. I live just North of London in cheshunt. 5...
  48. BigBish

    Renting new k4 vs buying used g4.

    As above really folks. I'm at the point where I've got more work than I can get on by hand. Everyone knows spraying mono is better so I've got to take the plunge. Pft do a k4 with genie for 280 a week plus vat. Or I could get a used g4 for 3k plus having to buy a 3 phase. What would you...
  49. BigBish

    Options for rendering underside of steel rsj

    Hi My customer has asked if I could render an external rsj. Dodgy builder left it exposed. I'm thinking cement board followed by maybe 8mm of monocouche but not too sure how to attach it. Grab adhesive ? Drill and fix ? Any advice is greatly appreciated. J