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  1. gavindublin

    Out of sequence work

    Job priced and finished bar a hold up for a large extension door. Have to go back finish inside reveal and bead and s/c finish about 7metres exterior. Do you look to get paid in full or go back in 4/5weeks time and have a day held back on you?. Dont think its fair holding money back shiuld get...
  2. gavindublin

    Nela trowel break

    I bought the nela premium trowel 2 years ago and now its break near the top where the blade is bonded to the handle, the steal has cracked both sides of the weld. Anyone else with this problem? Im also looking to buy the mk2 but its out of stock with 1stopshop? Anyone here know they will be back...
  3. gavindublin

    Mixing Drill wanted

    Looking to replace a stolen mixing drill for mixing skimcoat. Any recommendations or anyone looking to sell a decent 2nd hand one?. Havent found much online, anyone use a vitrex 1400w 110v?
  4. gavindublin

    Plasterer Available

    Dublin based plasterer looking for work, can start next week for the right rates, will work on price or day work. Little bit bout myself, 34 working in family plastering sub contracting business 12 years, sub contracting on my own 1 year. Link to some of my work here...
  5. gavindublin

    Courses on diff plastering methods?

    Was browsing through various discussion threads and there seems to be alot of day courses on different aspects of plastering?. Are inexperienced plasterers or no experience at all falling for these courses at extortionist rates and claiming our 'art' as their job title?:RpS_lol: mayb ive taken...
  6. gavindublin

    Irish Plasterer looking for work

    Hi, i am new here and couldnt find a relevant thread to start with regards to looking for work?. Maybe its not allowed? im not sure so please no ban hammer ;). To start with my name is Gavin, 31 years old from Dublin Ireland, 11 years experience interior and exterior plastering methods...