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    Would 1 coat be ok?

    Hi all, I am a DIY plasterer and yesterday I did my first ceiling in 6 years for a relative. It's about 12 by 12 foot. Unfortunately it's come out rougher than I would have liked, mainly because light was fading fast so I had trouble wet and dry trowelling to finish it. Im thinking about...
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    Plastering over old plasterboard

    Hi all, hope you can help. I am currently renovating an old bungalow, about 60 years old. I started to strip the wallpaper from one of the ceilings and the plaster came with it, exposing the old plasterbaords. I just wondered if it is ok to plaster over those boards, is there something I...
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    Plastering over old plasterboard

    Hi, I hope someone can help. Im currently renovating a bungalow that's about 60 years old. As I was removing the wallpaper from the ceiling the plaster came away with it, with great ease, so now it's back down to the plasterboard. I just wondered if it's ok to plaster over that plasterboard...