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    Anyone know where I can get some d6-3 r&s or equivalent for the ezek4?
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    New build

    Various sites in Wiltshire. Units ready to go. Long runs of work. Decent rates. message me for details.
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    Plasterers/Renderer needs

    Looking for plasterers for long term work. contracts around the Southampton, Bristol and Swindon areas. Renderer to work as part of a machine gang or can supply machine if needed. drop me a message if interested.
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    Plasterers needed.

    Any plastered looking for work in the Reading/ south west area? Please message for details.
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    Render gun

    Got a big lime render job and looking into the hopper fed render gun. Anyone else used it? Just need to know what compressor setup to use as the one the recommend seems pretty big.
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    Plasterers needed.

    Plasterers and labourers needed around Swindon. Cscs cards needed. Message me for details immediate starts.
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    Work on Wiltshire.

    Need another 10-15 Plasteters for imidiate starts. Good day rate or price work. Most buildings are just skimming on new board. Big areas. Long run of work. Message me me if interested.
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    Work around Swindon.

    Looking for someone or a guy and a laborer to go and do smaller jobs around Swindon and Wiltshire. Must have own van and tools etc this would be on a day rate but guaranteed long term work. Messsge me if interested.0
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    Plasterers wanted

    Looking for plasterers to work in a gang or individually on several army bases around Tidworth/ Salisbury area. Good rates of pay. Potentially several years work. Cscs card needed. Message me for details.
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    Plasterers needed

    Plasterers needed in oxford, Wiltshire and Salisbury. Day rate £190 Price work £4.25 skim £9 float and set Monday starts Message me I forgot interested
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    Looking for someone with experience with through coloured render to work in a gang. Machine and tools supplied. Works mainly in the Bristol area message me for details.
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    Need 10-15 plasterers for vatious site work around Salisbury. Will be hardwall and set and just skim. Big areas. Mess halls, apartments and offices. Starts in 3 weeks but need to get paperwork filled out as you’ll need a security check as it’s mod. 2 year continuous run. Message me on here for...
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    K1 silicon

    Anyone know where I can get 10 bags of oatmeal? I hate using k-rend but it’s specified on a job and we’re 10 short. My normal suppliers don’t have any in the country apparently so wondered if anyone had any left over etc?
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    looking for some plasterers to do hardwall and skim on military bases in the Wiltshire area all new builds! need cscs card starts in about 3 weeks. 2 year continuous work. Message me for details as need to sort out paper work etc.
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    Spraying base coats

    Normally hand ball base coats on as to keep the mess down but have some big areas that need at least 2 base coats. Anyone recommend a base coat for spraying on??
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    neead someone with experience in through coloured render products to work in a gang of 4. Most tools provided just need transport. Mainly working in Bristol/Swindon Area. Immediate start message me if interested..
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    Stitched up

    Had a lad who’s been eorking for us since school phone me today to say he’s got another job after 3 years. Put him through college, bough him kit, gave him holiday pay! Probably only been any good the last 6 months and the slight whiff of a bit more £££ and he’s gone. Didn’t even come and see me...
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    Airless plaster machine.

    hi all, what’s the deal with the airless system? Is there much benefit to using the machine? What material do u out through it? I’m sure I read someone was doing a demo/course? Or if not anyone who uses it mind me going in with them for the day to see how it works? Cheers
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    Plasterers/ renderers needed.

    Plasterers needed in the Swindon area. Mainly site work. Price or day rate. Renderers needed in the same area able or willing to work in a gang. Immediate start, message me if interested. Cheers
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    Ritmo L for sale

    I've just bough a bigger machine and generator so thinking of selling the ritmo L.... not sure if there's much of a market for them or if you'd get much ££ back. It's 2 years old and obviously well used but everything's there. Or do I just keep it for smaller domestic jobs where I can plug it in...
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    Bath, Bristol,swindon

    Looking for good plasterers, dry liners and experienced renderers in and around the south west. Message me for details.