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  1. clivo

    Baumit lime

    Has anyone on here sprayed baumit mineral base coat topped with silkontop through the Ritmo, if so any advice would be much appreciated as I've not used this product before , cheers
  2. clivo

    Ewi course

    Hi lads , anyone recommend a good ewi course , we've done a bit and always get loads of enquiries, usually sub out the boarding ,but would now like to do all the work ourselves, cheers in advance. Area doesn't matter as willing to travel
  3. clivo


    Anyone give me an idea of labour only cost per m2 , mesh and basecoat over ewi , got some lads putting on before we spray topcoat and they want us to offer them a metreage price to basecoat , would do it ourselves but not got time , cheers in advance
  4. clivo

    knauff plaster for swimming pools

    @Curry Hi mate, done some of this last year by hand, lot of rubbing down etc,we now have a big 250m2 ceiling to do, can we spray on with our eze machine or the ritmo. if we spray is it one coat or two and also what costs labour only m2. cheers in advance. Clive
  5. clivo


    Hi guys , anyone know the coverage of paraguard . 25 ltrs is £240 but not sure what area this would cover, cheers
  6. clivo

    Van signwriting

    Hi guys , going to have my van sign written again as I want to promote machine render systems as I'm trying to do this all the time ( fed up with skimming etc ) anyone got any pics of their own vans they can post to give me some ideas , would be greatly appreciated . Got a Vauxhall vivaro by the...
  7. clivo

    Krend ocr

    Hi guys, anyone used this product, I've used cpi but not ocr yet, , spraying onto new block do i need any sealer or just damp down, also how long does it take to pull in before floating, its only 15m so will i be hanging around all day ? cheers @PFTwales @Rigsby @CTPlastering
  8. clivo

    expansion beads

    would any of you put an expansion bead on a gable 8m wide on a dormer bungalow, its rendering over the top of existing tyrolene with hp12 then tc 1.5, is it worth doing as theres no movement bead on origional building ?
  9. clivo

    thin coat under damp

    morning guys, some opinions needed. i have a house we have started to bead up. its krend hp12 over tyrolene then tc 1.5. some of the rear elevation is under damp course, the old render we have taken off this section, customer wants same finish under damp, i was thinking maybe thoroseal then...
  10. clivo


    Thin coat system over old tyrolene, HP12 meshed followed by TC1.5 would you guys use 8mm or 10mm beads ?
  11. clivo

    thin coat

    doing thin coat render over an old sand and cement tyroleaned house, was thinking micro first followed by hp12 with mesh , primer then TC 1.5 . unless anyone else has any other ideas? Cheers
  12. clivo

    refina compressor with ritmo

    question for all ! been offered a refina compressor and texture gun for spraying thin coat, will this work with ritmo L, how will the remote work if you are using a seperate compressor as this cuts in when you connect the onboard compressor, any help appreciated, thanks
  13. clivo

    thin coat, opinions

    hi guys, gotta do a house in thin coat over unpainted tyrolean thats 60 yrs old, in your opinions whats the best sealer, backing coat and tc, ive only used krend tc so far, its good kit but wanted other views, Ryan at one stop is nearest to me and they stock Mapei , anyone used this before ...
  14. clivo

    gennie to run ritmo

    Hi guys , can anyone tell me what size gennie i need to run 240v ritmo L. cheers
  15. clivo

    knauff plaster on aquapanel

    Hi Guys, gotta plaster a ceiling over a swimming pool using knauff pre mixed finish, ive gened up on the product and get the process, cant spray with the ritmo cus i havent got the skim set, does anyone know if you have to prime the boards before plastering as it says prime before joint filling...
  16. clivo


    Hi guys, can you spray monoglobetis on with the ritmo, or is it best to brush on ?:RpS_tongue:
  17. clivo

    converted to Parex

    well, after using krend for years, and after all the problems with K1 i switched to parex last week,wish i had done it years ago, sprayed beautifully,ruled off and scraped back with no problems whatsoever. Thats the end of my relationship with Krend now, its hard after all the years we were...
  18. clivo

    cti render, first time

    spraying cti render this week on ritmo L, first time so anyone tell me the settings. its on new concrete block, do i need to put any sealer on first to take out suction ? also sprayed hp12 today and was going fine then all of sudden would come out wetter for a while then back to normal, any...
  19. clivo

    settings ritmo

    has anyone sprayed parex perinter base coat with ritmo, what are the settings ? cheers :RpS_biggrin:
  20. clivo

    acrylic thin coat

    well, theres a lesson learned ! Put krend thin coat on 2 dormers at my place Saturday, nice day on sunday so all ok, got up this morning after heavy rain sun night to see some nice coloured rain running down roof :-0, cover up next time you goon !
  21. clivo

    wanted, compressor and texture gun for ritmo L

    Hi guys, anyone got a compressor and texture gun for Ritmo L they want to sell, got a few thin coat jobs in so looking to spray rather than hand apply, let me know before i take plunge and buy new off ian. cheers clive
  22. clivo

    thin coat

    well lads just done my first thin coat krend, good product and much lighter than scratch render, sprayed the hp12 with the ritmo then hand applied the thin coat, thinking of adding to setup with a gennie and texture gun so i can spray the top coat, anyone got these for sale ?
  23. clivo


    can you guys tell me water settings and speed for spraying hp12 base, on a ritmo l.
  24. clivo

    tyrolean finish with parex

    Hi , anyone done a tyrolean finish with parex using a ritmo, what speed setting, water, nozzle etc ? or is it easier to just put it in the flicker gun :rolleyes)
  25. clivo

    mono on celcon

    any of you guys done any mono on celcon bnlocks ? gotta price job and spec is R7 followed by 2 passes krend on celcon block, customer wants sbr instead of R7, would you put base coat and mesh for extra strength. cheers guys
  26. clivo


    does anyone know if you can spray krend dash receiver through a ritmo ?
  27. clivo


    Hi everyone, is there any monocouche renders that are silicone based which will go through the ritmo ? most seem to be polymer modified but with no silicone content, :RpS_tongue:
  28. clivo

    acrylic thin coat

    hi everyone, gotta do a thin coat job, never sprayed that before as only done monocouche thro the ritmo, do I need a different gun etc and is it a case of just pour in and spray. comments please , cheers in advance Clive:rolleyes)
  29. clivo

    krend thin coat

    Any of you boys used the krend thin coat system, is it any good ?
  30. clivo

    K1 cracking

    Thought all was going well with the machine spraying, no probs with the machine but K1 im not so sure ! Completed 220 bag job and all looks good, but sprayed a gable at my place about a month ago, K1 on HPX base with mesh. R7 sealer over old tyrolene. All looked good until today I noticed some...
  31. clivo

    K1/ hard work

    does anyone seal new blockwork before spraying K1 ? Put on about 30m2 in afternoon, came back in morn and it was bloody hard work to scrape, also a few cracks which as you know are nightmare to patch. all ok when laying onto an hpx base coat but think im gunna give parex a go on next one !
  32. clivo

    ritmo K1

    well guys, been getting on really well with the ritmo, no problems over the last week, been spraying K1, its a bit of a pain as you can never scratch back until next day ( unless you wanna do it in the dark) Can you scratch back any of the other monos more quickly ? Pain in the arse today...
  33. clivo

    ritmo joy

    fired the ritmo up today for only the second time, was pretty confident to begin, everything going thro then pressure spiked. b*ll***s I thought, not again ! anyway managed to detect blockage at end of pipe. was dry powder, how the hell did that get there ? broke it all up and all was ok, didn't...
  34. clivo

    ritmo wasted day

    another wasted day on ritmo, got it up and spraying in morn with ians guidance, started spraying hpx base,thought all was going well then a third of way down gable the hose blocked, purge again then start afresh, got material to end of pipe as instructions but as soon as we put gun on it was...
  35. clivo

    frustrating day on ritmo

    just had first day on the new ritmo, has anyone sprayed hpx base coat before and if so what speed and water setting did you use, first attempt ended with dry powder clogging the whisk, cleaned all out, start again ! after a few calls to ian (first day mistakes a plenty) thought we had it sussed...
  36. clivo

    webber ocr

    can anyone tell what the metreage cost is (materials and labour) for OCR. Got a sand and cement render to do but now ive got the machine I wanna spray it instead. just wondering if it is cost effective ?
  37. clivo

    krend,K1, mono or webber

    Hi guys, need some opinions before i start rendering with the new Ritmo, ive always hand applied Krend ft but now ive got a machine i need to know what people think is the best product to spray. e grade, K1, mono or webber. i know krend are trying to push the new K1 but its more polymer based...
  38. clivo

    render machine

    has anyone got a machine,ritmo or similar for sale, to pump krend, mono, etc. glos area, must be good cond, let me know !:-)