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    Has this been done right?

    let them get on with the job! if its not up to scratch when finished hold off on payment till its correct. you stated you are not an expert you are probably winding them up by telling them how to do the job.if you are worried ask to see their certificates.
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    C&G qualified, looking for experience.

    if your qualified as you say get a van ,ad in local rag and work for your self.
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    how much would you charge a day(8hours)to do a plastering job for a mate?

    just seen his brother delivering 8 stone bags of coal on a skateboard!!
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    how much would you charge a day(8hours)to do a plastering job for a mate?

    hahah its mr bean with a trowel lmfao hahahah bike and trailer :RpS_lol:
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    Patching in k rend

    very hard to match in!say you are patching ivory for instance each batch will vary slightly it defo wont look right i think as stated you will be ordering the paint
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    Good Price or Not?

    sounds like it would be do-able in a day( if just a re-skim) so i would say thats expensive someone will prob go in cheaper.
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    Just a piece of advice dont move

    im not suprised they ditched you after all according to some of your posts you skim over wallpaper :RpS_wink: if i were you id stick to sweeping up and making tea
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    monocouch.? level to sides or build up

    are their any earlier flights to austrailia?
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    think im a bit of a fanny

    drop of whisky in the flask:RpS_thumbup:
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    Hello people, Stuart, belfast

    took our lass on a caravan holiday to bangor:RpS_thumbsup:
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    what's with 'roughing'??

    does it really matter it amounts to the same thing. mind you dont you use wallpaper as floating?:RpS_thumbsup:
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    Some idiots in the game

    thats 3 words so it seems as well as not being able to spell you also cant count stick to skimming wallpaper lmao
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    not rendering question,but am sure someone has an idea

    first he uses wallpaper as hes asking how to point up.. their really is no end to his talent:RpS_lol:
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    not rendering question,but am sure someone has an idea

    u not busy skimming wallpaper then?:RpS_lol:
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    been offered a job today

    talking of picking up cash no matter what you do..hows your mrs?
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    Some idiots in the game

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    Some idiots in the game

    ok love x
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    Some idiots in the game

    you carry on with your inventive expletives whilst plastering over wallpaper. the definition of wallpaper" a substrate to which a chimpanzee with limited training applies plaster" their you are young man will that help you sleep tonight or will your aunties elbows keep waking you up x
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    Have i been taught right?

    im stuck in me ways mush
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    Have i been taught right?

    couldnt be without me stilts clown or not,had to do high lids recently without stilts cos the floorboards were shocking id be lost without them!
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    Have i been taught right?

    NO SPONGE NO WAY NOT NEVER. its like one coating you just dont do it. its lazy and not professional (in my opinion).
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    Monnocouch virgin seeks advice please

    its just advice mush take it or leave it! you by your own admission are lacking experience which is why you asked in the first place. ps if you are trying to use big words to intimidate then at least learn how to spell them correctly :)
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    mixing drill

    i had a belle for 4 years then bushes kept F*****g up(was good until then) have had mega mixer ever since its bang on
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    NVQ full time 6 week course - Seeking Advice

    just an idea but you could ring around local plasterers in your area and ask them if you could pay them the x amount of £s you were going to spend on this course and see if they will take you on the job with them for 6 weeks.
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    Industry standards

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    Aldi are doing plastering tools

    this isnt an angling forum and theirs no need to be rude its called "banter" we have at work all the time to me its as important as the job :RpS_drool::RpS_biggrin:
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    Aldi are doing plastering tools

    sorry i forgot that your more at home with a mouse rather than with a trowel:RpS_thumbsup:
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    Aldi are doing plastering tools

    buying aldi tools eh mush. if you want il post you the refina 2012 catalogue,dont worry about the cost of the stamp!save it for when aldi are selling scrim:RpS_lol:
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    Industry standards

    omg it must be bromance xx
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    Industry standards

    ive heard all about you "one coat wonder" and yes u 2 are obviously an arselicker on the forum grow a personality and write something of your own.:RpS_wink:
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    Some idiots in the game

    how very professional! stop being lazy and do the job properly cowwwbboooyyy!!!
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    Industry standards

    statement 1. remove tongue from fellow plasterers arse.:RpS_thumbsup:
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    Industry standards

    mind u if i lived in doncaster i would have lost my sense of humour. u donny people are so much fun.
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    Industry standards

    err period:rolleyes)
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    Space saving in the van.

    **** me that looks like laurence llewellan mcboen or wot ever hes called has had a go at ur van!! send him round to mine its a right state.i need a new labourer its not unusual to have to have to dig me bucket trowel out of part bucket of skim on a monday morn:RpS_crying:
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    Industry standards

    fancy a bum?
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    how much to quote for dot and dab

    can he borrow the one your mum uses for her make up:flapper:
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    how much to quote for dot and dab

    my dad can beat up your dad:RpS_confused:
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    how much to quote for dot and dab

    thanks love:RpS_biggrin:
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    how much to quote for dot and dab

    my 4 year old came home from reception class with two gold stars for spelling her own :-)
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    how much to quote for dot and dab

    how many bags of dotting to a board?how do i quote for a dot & dab job? "ive been plastering for years" are you serious! plasterer my arse coowwwwboyyyyy:RpS_lol:
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    job at home

    you sound like you have it all sussed and are on the forum looking for a pat on the back. most of the spreads i know would not consider you "in the trade"but good luck with that. learning ratios of mixes are as important as the trowel you own. it takes years to learn and its a tad arrogant of...
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    Suction control

    most 90 year olds i know have a suction problem. i would suggest simply taking out their dentures:RpS_thumbup:
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    rough c**t :-)
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    Entirely new to plastering, want some questions answered please?

    try and get on with a contractor that uses machines fella its defo the way forward.try to keep well away from the intensive courses,a good plasterer will wa nt to pass on his skills all the best to you and all the best for you future!
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    K Rend

    brodie just admit it your s**t and you know it:RpS_lol: you dont know how to use the gear and u obviously dont know the difference between a chimpanzees tennis racket and a trowel. if i were u i would become a security guard cos u seem to be comfortable with a torch :RpS_mellow: no offence to...
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    skimming around skirts, picture rails etc

    what did the course tell you to do mush?