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    Bostick plastering stabilising primer ( grit)

    Are you going to give a refund for the full cost, if the background passes the grit test tape but then the work fails?
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    red deisel

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    Answers on a postcard

    Can't remember pvaing or skimming it.
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    Answers on a postcard

    I am thinking no PVA, was a small movement in plasterboard, some nails had popped.
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    Answers on a postcard

    No. Whole house ceilings skimmed over Artex, 10 years ago.
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    i know a plasterer

    He needs to man up. It's okay to be a good guy, but a nice guy gets walked over.
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    Answers on a postcard

    Answers on a postcard. a, PVA mixed too thin. b, PVA not used. c, Movement in plasterboards d, Any of the above.
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    i know a plasterer

    Sounds like a normal happy marriage. to most women.
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    The Garden Building build :D

    I am quite bored of the mass of new threads on the topic... so this will be the only one now... keep it all in here and all others will be locked and new ones deleted.... I get there is not much plastering going on but every other new topic is the garden build. also lets keep it clean and not...
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    Ox Pro
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    Floor Tile Removal

    A more up to date method would be to use a 100mm or 75mm bolster chisel.
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    Floor Tile Removal

    6' much more quicker
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    The new faster plaster

    Sounds like a good pension plan. Drink yours self to an early grave, no need to save any money for your old age.
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    Why the long face?
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    Labourer in Manchester willing to travel

    If he supported united then he would probably not be living in Manchester.
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    Taking Credit Card Payments

    Goodbye Plastering Forum hello The Original Honey Forum?
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    Cement Mixers

    Its got be to a Belle then electric or petrol, then size and price, but a belle.
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    Get a room.
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    This is the wrong forum for sensible questions! Next you will be asking for sensible answers?
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    Negative review

    What are you going to do if they do not answer the phone, or will not see to your complaint. You could leave them a bad review?
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    Don't risk using Extratime

    8 walls? It takes 500 walls before you can consider yourself a plasterer, you need for experience . That's the number I consider to be able to call yourself a plasterer. You need for the experience to develop leather hands. You learn a lots of things plastering on the way to plastering 500...
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    Is a dolly knot a sexual position? I know where he park's his lorry, if that helps you.
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    And thats end of that

    Maybe that's what they do to the multi finish when the date is out. Send it back to BG they re-package it as fast set?
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    Goi g to France

    Working in France may be harder than you think. It is very restrictive, it bit like going around the UK doing gas plumbing work. You may find expats that will pay cash in hand but most French employ local people.
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    It Have we a third option? Hawk or hand-board or bucket?
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    Ripples / waves over old plaster

    After painting ripples / waves have become visible.
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    En-suite Ceiling Skim - SBR or PVA?

    When he starts laying on the ceiling he be wearing Multi-finish.
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    Hi I’m new to this forum

    No but you can post about it every 5 minutes saying how good it is and every plasterer thinks its the best thing ever invented and how everybody is buying rolls.
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    External wall, lime, thermal plaster board, sand and cement…help

    I would go for get a plasterer to do the work. Option Number 1.
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    how to divide an area in sections?

    Fix a 3mm stop bead not square but at an angle. Make sure you lay on with the bead to avoid any uneven edges at the bead.. The best method as Chrispy said use extra time.
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    Out of date plaster

    Buy new bags in B & Q, keep receipt take old bags back. No need to thank me.
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    What has happened here and can I fix it?

    If it is a structural movement then it is going to be an expensive repair but If no cracks going across the room. I would take out the bead, cut out any cracks or loose plaster, PVA background, fix more screws if plasterboard loose, bed in new bead, Fill and sand area. Get a local plasterer to...
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    140 year old house (advice needed!)

    My question is: What interior insulation can I use that is cost effective? Because of the cement finish outside, lime is useless as it won’t breath? Can I dry line it with a 4 inch cavity and an insulated slab? Should I vent the cavity? My answer is. It’s only the facade that is listed, I can...
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    Plasterers and Tapers wanted Leigh

    First week you don't get laid, only a quick wank. It is normal on most jobs, you have to work a week in hand.
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    Can I fill this with multi or need to do bonding?

    It is going to need bonding, then fit skirting and use Easyfill 60. You could replace with higher skirting to reduce the amount of filling and sanding. Learn from you mistakes, think the job through before plastering next time.