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  1. Rigsby

    Advice on Aqua panel job

    I have been asked to price this aquapanel-ed ceiling. I have done thin coat on hardibacker before but always small area’s not involving joints and usually the bigger panels. I seem to remember run with Scissors giving a spec for aquapanel, something to do siliconing the joints? This job is...
  2. Rigsby

    Anyone got a texture gun with remote lead for sale?

    I am looking for a texture gun preferably a PFT Swing set up with remote lead.
  3. Rigsby

    Hardwall through a Ritmo problems?

    Asking for a friend.... He has a hardwall job and got the lightweight shaft off Les. Anyways, he has rung me to say it starts off ok but after a bag or two it then just is mostly water? Anyone put Hardwall through a Ritmo?
  4. Rigsby

    Winter working

    Found this on a FB rendering group posted by a well established renderer. Winter working, A FEW COLD WETHER WORKING TIPS A few tips from me for cold whether working for exterior renders of most types that I tend to abide by which helps me run my day rather than the day running me! We’ve...
  5. Rigsby

    40mm poly x 5 packs for sale.

    Having a clear out. Got 5 packs of 40mm poly 1000 x 500 going cheap. Collection Sheffield.
  6. Rigsby

    Ritmo set up coming up for sale.

    Got a mate selling his Ritmo complete setup. 2-3 years old and just had a service at PFT Northern. £4500.00 Sheffield.
  7. Rigsby

    Ritmo start up problem

    Having a problem on start up on the Ritmo L. Set up the way we always have with no issues but now on turning the motor on and introducing the the first bag into the hopper it is either almost stalling or stalls then starts up. But today it stalled and tripped the house rcd. Power back on but it...
  8. Rigsby

    Ritmo water ptroblem

    Used Weber Pral.m today at 120 water. The material started to spray stiff and the float was down th 75. Turned it back up to 120 and half hour later the float is back down to 75. Any idea's why the water is going down? Water pump blew a fuse in the plug as well.
  9. Rigsby

    Parex GM Coverage

    Doing a 14m2 Parex GM Mono job tomorrow at 10mm thick on Micro hand applied. Can someone tell how many bags?
  10. Rigsby

    Using the Ritmo to spray thin coat?

    Found this vid on youtube and it looks like he is using a texture gun to spray thin coat? Anyone used a PFT Swing type gun on a Ritmo for thin coat? Notice the compressor?
  11. Rigsby

    Air pressure for spraying Acrylic

    Can any of you tell me the ideal air pressure reading when spraying acrylic through a texture gun? It will be either be a 4 or 6 mm tip on a Swing gun.
  12. Rigsby

    Renda Brick on mono

    I have a recently mono'd extension to Renda Brick in K Rend's Renda Brick. Grey joints with red brick colour. Can I put the grey straight onto the mono? Or will it need their primer?
  13. Rigsby

    Parmurex 15mm on Microgobetis

    Anyone ever sprayed 15mm of Parmurex onto Microgobetis? Got a refurb job coming which is flat render finish. What I usually do after hacking off back to brick is apply a pre rend like a Rend-Aid equivalent at 5mm fully meshed then 10mm of render like OCR or Mono. But I fancy the idea of...
  14. Rigsby

    Is the modern rendering sustems easier or harder than the old ways? But

    may seem an odd question butnot so long ago when most work was sand and cement mixed in a Belle mixer and applied by hand most plasterers avoided rendering. Now you see plasterers doing rendering all over the place but the pre mixed pre bagged stuff like Weber for example. Maybe it is the hand...
  15. Rigsby

    How to clean dirty hand marks of Nano.

    Finished a nice Jub Nano job 2 weeks ago and yesterday I had the scaffold took down. This particular company has well oiled scaffolding clips and they have in places put their oily hands on the Nano and left oily hand marks on the render. This being so called self cleaning you would think...
  16. Rigsby

    Using the Ritmo L at height

    Had my lads do a spraying job this morning which was a spray on W, pral only job. It was a favour for a mate. Any it was a gable end about 7m wide and 5m to gutter then the Apex. Because most of it was covered by next doors and only the south facing apex exposed he wanted us spraying from the...
  17. Rigsby

    Price for Microgobetis?

    Pricing up for a hybrid job that needs a primer like micro or the K Rend version R7? on. Can anyone give me an indication what a container costs and how far it can go on facing brickwork with suction?
  18. Rigsby

    Pumping Jub

    Had a go at spraying Jub yesterday but had a problem? Pre wetted the r&s and the 15m hose. Pumped it through on speed 3 (took forever) and when it came out of the end of the pipe I put the gun on and Nothing! It was blocked! The gun was clean, no material entered it. The gauge had just gone in...
  19. Rigsby

    Using acrylic through a Ritmo

    I am consider getting a set up for spraying buckets coats through my Ritmo. A question about what you do with the material that will be left in the pipe when you have finished. I have worked out that there will be 7.5 litres of material in a 15m pipe. That is half a tub! So when I have...
  20. Rigsby

    Selling my Cabstar

    I have a Cabstar 35.13 pick up and bought it new in 09 as an ex demo with 5 miles on the clock. Full service history with genuine Nissan service parts and 42000 miles. 11 months mot. Only critism is a slight rattle on the clutch bearing when cold but after a mile it disapears. Every Cabstar I...
  21. Rigsby


    I have a job to quote for using Parex mono. There is a front and back 25m2 each and it is 2 parts old common brick 1 part new block. He is wanting it cheap as poss as most builders would so I proposed micro on the brick and block with an expansion bead on the joint where the block built...
  22. Rigsby

    Gas boxes and supply pipes

    Doing an ewi job at the mo and have a gas box and pipe to work round. Specs I have been given say give a 25mm clearence around the box for maintenence and 100mm either side of the rising supply pipe. But you can box the pipe in so long as there is a way to remove the boxing in for maintenence...
  23. Rigsby

    PFT Jetset Pro

    Anyone got got one? Apart from adhesive application what else do you use it for? For example, would this be the right gun for spraying Acrylic or thin coat? Or something like K Rends silicone dash receiver at 5-6mm thick? Would you need an air compressor for certain coatings?
  24. Rigsby


    Got a gable to do this morning using a 15m + 5m on the Ritmo L. Material is Weber Pral.m in Chalk. Primed and got the consistency how we wanted it and started pumping it through the just pre wetted pipes with loads of Fairy in. 2m from the end and it blocked good and proper. Put the purge pipe...
  25. Rigsby


    I left a lab of mine hacking off this week on his tod and a HSE agent or bounty hunter more like pinched him for not wearing a mask or ear muffs. Don't get me wrong, I have all the ppe he needs in my truck but this lab will not wear ear muffs or masks. So she stops him working, introduces...
  26. Rigsby

    Masking tape on Nano bucket coat

    I have been using a fair bit of Nano bucket coat recently and am having problems getting masking tape to adhere to this stuff when masking up for siliconing around windows. Doing my head in! Anyone know of a masking tape that works without leaving any marks. Even Blue Dolphin doesn't stick!
  27. Rigsby

    Spraying mineral or Acrylic render

    I have been watching the vid of PFT Wales spraying mineral finish. This seems to be getting more popular by the manufacturers for the colder months. Any one got a Ritmo spraying job coming up in either Acrylic or Mineral. I would like to come and have a look at it being done. More intersted in...
  28. Rigsby

    SAS silicone monocouche

    Done a job this evening using SAS Silicone monocouche. What a disaster! It was 15mm total thickness with 5mm of their prep base coat and 12mm of monocouche scraped back to 10mm. Sprayed nice although very gritty. 2 passes, first pass seemed to not stiffen up then turn back and second pass. All...
  29. Rigsby

    Micro, plastprime x and the like.

    My work is usually refurb, typically re-render on clay brick. Usually two coat like rend-aid and ocr for example. Anyway, last November I did a Parex Mono job and the rep told me to Micro Gobetis it (refurb, clay brick) and mono with mesh embedded. Simple enough as the walls was only 1.6m...
  30. Rigsby

    Spraying bucket coat with a Ritmo

    If anyone is going to be spraying any bucket coat with a Ritmo can they invite me to have a gander?
  31. Rigsby

    SAS Europe silicone Monocouche

    I have a job to do spraying SAS Europes Monocouche silicone version. Used SAS before but not with silicone in it. Has as anyone sprayed it with a PFT Ritmo? Any problems?
  32. Rigsby

    Getting bucket coat of Tarmac

    Did a job today with Jub Nanoxil G (nano bucket coat) and spilt a bit on the Tarmac. Any ideas how to get the stain off the Tarmac?
  33. Rigsby

    Tour De France

    Anyone been watching the race? Had the good fortune to live 5 minutes off the route. Great atmosphere.
  34. Rigsby

    Mains problem on the Ritmo

    Had a job to do today and as soon as I turned the red switch on the house mains tripped. This was on a 32 amp cooker circuit and then a 16 amp circuit. After a phone call to Stu at UK Machines he suggested disconnecting the water pump but still it tripped. So looking like a sensitive rcd...
  35. Rigsby

    Jub Basic

    Has anyone used Jub Basic one coat render?
  36. Rigsby

    Ritmo airline problem

    Using the Ritmo a fair bit now but one annoying problem we have is when spraying every ten seconds or so the air stops the spraying out of the gun for a second. So you moving from left to right or vice versa then for the second it doesn't spray you have to stop the motion then go again. anyone...
  37. Rigsby

    Ritmo snag

    Right, used the Ritmo today and it stopped again. Found it was the air hole fully blocked solid again when it was spotless on starting. But solid after only an hour? Then I thought it this solid render or is it ice? I used compressed air chisels in the past and they often froze up. Anyway I am...
  38. Rigsby

    StoRend Flex Sytnetic Render

    Got a builder friend of mine who has a house to build and it is to be Thermalite Shield Concrete Blocks. The render is to be Sto Flex Synthetic Render and be Sto Approved. Anyone know of a render equivelent to this? SPS did have one but stopped importing it as there was not enough demand...
  39. Rigsby

    Monorex as a scratch coat

    Imagine you have a wall to do in Monorex at 15mm thick and it can be done on microgobetis. Two passes with mesh embedded. The wall is big so you prefer to do 1 pass, embed mesh spray 2-3mm on top and scratch then some other day put on the second pass at say min 7mm minimum finished thickness...
  40. Rigsby

    Cleaning water inlet on the Ritmo L

    Took the water inlet pipe off the Ritmo to clean the inlet and found a white plastic thing with a little hole in it? so this reminded me of a vid for the power oat which showed the lower cap having a pin on it and used to clean this inlet hole. The vid showed the plastic piece being prized out...
  41. Rigsby

    Bad start to my first day on the Ritmo!

    Tuesday got all set up and ready to go then realised our old 10m pipe the airline was a Geka not a push fit. so that was a wasted day. To day got there all excited and set up the Ritmo. Fine so far but we have a bit of a problem with the bags of pral.m. You see this is a labour only job and...
  42. Rigsby


    I intend trying this gear out and comparing to Webers ocr this Spring. In some earlier treads / posts it was mentioned that adding LankoLatex or SBR to the mix makes it stickier and creamier. But it was said not to put into the water barrel as pumps don't like it but spray it into the open...
  43. Rigsby

    Weber.rend Dash

    Anybody sprayed this stuff? Comes in white, cream or grey so not a lot of colour choice. Anyone sprayed ocr and dashed over it? I would have thought it would skin over before you could turn back and dash.
  44. Rigsby

    Bark effect plastic coating

    I have an extension to do in plastic coating with a bark effect to match the existing. So I have the buckets of gunge which if Webers would be their High Build. We sprayed the extension 10 days ago in Weber ocr to a trowel flat finish, got it really tight. it was 15mm thick on 7 newton blocks...
  45. Rigsby

    Ritmo extension lead

    Question for you 240v Ritmo users. Is there a minimum size extension cable required for these little machines. Been using my Monojet today which is not much bigger than a Ritmo but needs a 3 phrase genny. We are still dabbling with the idea of getting a Ritmo but realised we will still have a...
  46. Rigsby

    Blanc du Littoral

    I have been looking this up on the Parex web site. Can this be used as a one coat render rubbed up flat and it dries out white?
  47. Rigsby

    Parex problem?

    I have got a mate who has been asked to render a house built out of poly blocks filled with concrete. The materials supplied are Parex and he thinks it is a mono finish. He is getting back to me with the name of parex material. The problem is when they filled the blocks with concrete some of...
  48. Rigsby


    Might give this stuff a go next week. Got a semi to hack off, the bricks will be clay commons. What is Parex equivelant to rend-aid? if the total thickness is going to be 15mm what thickness will be the pre-rend coat be (rend-aid equivalent) ? How many m2 to the bag? at said thickness?
  49. Rigsby


    Anybody had an apprentice through citb? What grants do they give? Reluctant to go through the youth training again as they usually give up but may consider it.
  50. Rigsby

    6mm beads

    I use 6mm beads for ewi as per spec but find it uses loads of gear. No problem putting it on as I have mastered the notched trowel but how many of you use 4mm beads if nobody is looking?