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  1. theclemo


    I'd just like to let the people know I know how hard life can be over xmes. If u need a clemrope please don't hesitate in contacting me. We are here to help. Looking forward to 2020 and if u are not get a clemrope. Thanks all
  2. theclemo

    New ritmo slimline

    Going to get a play with it in the next week or so. Its will pump 20 litre a min. With render. Same out put as a g4. This will be interesting. Looking forward to it. Like a big kid I am lol
  3. theclemo

    Who on here actually has a trade

    That can do all in the plastering trade. Not just skimming. that can do all. Internally and externally.
  4. theclemo

    @vincey vs theclemo

    In the airport. Going over to @Vincey to have a render off. She said she can take me. Let's find out. His ritmo won't know what hit it. Lol. @zolco is going to be the ref. ;)
  5. theclemo

    Just want to tell everyone.

    Am great.
  6. theclemo

    Happy birthday piss

    Do i win that diesiel for the first happy birthday on forum. :whistle:
  7. theclemo

    Did anyone ever have a overboard fail.

    And if so what happened.
  8. theclemo

    Real plasterers tradesman

    Who on here is a real tradesman. That can do internal and external. Not just skimming. Be interesting to see how meny tradesman is actually on the forum. Not having a go at anyone that can just skim if they can make a living out of it fair play. But skimming don't make u a tradesman.
  9. theclemo

    Piston pump plastering machine

    Anybody know of anyone that uses one. Pros and cons. Don't need a r@s so that's definitely a good thing. Was looking at a kappa ps 3000 double piston pump. it will pump site mix no problem any type of sand.
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    Big shout out to @Lodan and @zolco to coming to Ireland for a piss up. @scottie5 would have made it for sure. only he has to go on holiday with the family.
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    My new best friend.
  12. theclemo

    Parex monogris E

    Anyone use it. Any good. Is it worth a go
  13. theclemo

    Luton body van with talelift

    Any of you machine lads use one. Or not even a machine platerers. I think it could be handy. I hate lifting the machine and generator and cement mixer in the van in the morning on my own. Plus plenty of room for tools and materials.
  14. theclemo

    Float and set or dot and dab

    What would u do on your own house. For me I'd float and set.
  15. theclemo

    APPLE c**t'S

    f**k me was trying to send videos from the I pad to a android phone. I even sent them from email can u play them no not on the android but u can on the I phone. What do they get out of stopping u from using the android??? Pissed me right off will never buy apple again. I got them sent but the...
  16. theclemo

    breathable Monocouche render

    I used some mono chrome yesterday that was sent out to me by @Bauwer. Was really nice stuff to spray and rule. Put it on yesterday finish it this morning. It's very very good mono. And it's well priced. Am in the middle of pricing 250 houses and I'll be using it if I get them. The ritmo loved it.
  17. theclemo

    Link for the boxing

    My brother is doing my head in has anyone got a link for the boxing so he can f**k off and stop ringing me.
  18. theclemo

    Ocr this time of year?

    Is it worth doing it now or would It be better to use gp. Ocr hangs in the summer I've not used it in the winter months.
  19. theclemo

    10 year party

    @Danny what ever happened to it
  20. theclemo

    Ritmo skim setup wanted

    Am looking to buy the skim setup as am 2 stingy to pay for a new one.
  21. theclemo

    Small skim bucket

    I bought a bucket from @Plasterers1StopShop on Sunday and I didn't look at the dimensions:rolleyes: well it arrived today and I nearly s**t myself when I seen it. I don't know what am going to do with that. Am Keith 2 bags. It's a 110 litre. What litre holds 3 bags of finish. Bucket for...
  22. theclemo

    Kanuf airless in Dublin

    Anyone on the forum that can do airless plaster. If you are interested in giving me a quote for 700m2 plase send me a private message.
  23. theclemo

    Should theclemo get a mug???

    Over 5200 posts. I help when I feel like it. I buy stuff off the sponsors of the forum. :D
  24. theclemo

    Rained off

    Anyone else. Am at home not a thing to do. I could go help the lads do a bit of skimming but f**k that. But on the plus side I got a nice render job for the Ritmo l. 2500 m2 and you want to see the finish they want. Am going to make a small fortune on this one. I originally priced it to float...
  25. theclemo

    Sevile ecoCork

    Has anyone used sevile ecoCork insulating external render. Is it a good is it worth the money. Can it be put on with a ritmo plastering machine. I seen it says a 14kg of ecoCork insulating render will do 1m2 at 20mm??? I can't see how. And a 25kg bag of Reabilita consolidation mortar will do...
  26. theclemo

    My 15 years old mt skim trowel

    Can a trowel get to sharp for finishing with. I've noticed when the skim is dry the skim looks 2 different colours when I use that trowel. But looks good painted. But when I use my other skimming trowels it drys out more the one colour.
  27. theclemo

    Come on the pool

    c**t's lol
  28. theclemo

    Sand and cement

    I have a job i might have to do. They want sand and cement finished with a brush. I have never seen this or heard anything about it b4. As anyone ever did it.??
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  30. theclemo

    no money in work

    I bloke in no just won 196000 in a poker tournament for 4th place
  31. theclemo

    Co Cavan

    Any of u irish boys do work in Cavan.
  32. theclemo

    moisture boards

    Skimmed a house out last week. The house owner is an electrician. He is doing the work at night. He is shining lights down the walls when he is working. He has got on to the builder about 4 of the walls in the house. It just happens to be the walls with moisture boards on them. I put the light...
  33. theclemo

    Fan heater

    Was thinking of buying one. To heat rooms up be 4 I skim them. To you think it would be any help to get the skim going.
  34. theclemo


    Is multi hanging long for anyone this time of year yet.
  35. theclemo

    Skywalker stilts

    Are they worth the extra money.
  36. theclemo

    This any good

    Anyone use one
  37. theclemo

    S&c 5-1-1 mix cracking

    Was doing bands today and the bands where cracking had to keep sponging to get them out. It was hot today. Anyone an idea what was causing it
  38. theclemo

    What is best g4 or g5

    What is the difference
  39. theclemo

    Rendering over old stone

    Have to do a old house in sand and cement. Was thinking of 2to1 scud with sbr 4to1 scratch coat and 6 1 1 finish coat. What do you guys think any other suggestions.
  40. theclemo

    hardwall over hardwall

    Is there any problems doing this. Did a old brick wall today but could not get it straight so i scratch it.
  41. theclemo

    best brand of sbr

    for going over old brick for hardwall.
  42. theclemo

    MARSHALLTOWN SKY2124 SkyWalker Plastering Stilts 24-40â€￾

    Are they worth the extra money?
  43. theclemo

    What kva is this

  44. theclemo

    Ceresit ct60 acrylic render 1.5 mm grain

    Has anyone sprayed it
  45. theclemo

    Smallest diesel machine

    What is the smallest diesel machine on the open market
  46. theclemo


    Has anyone used one r seen one working. Innovation Trail Winner Executive Hire Show 2014 - Strata Render Solutions
  47. theclemo


    I burst my hose today when I went to spray bacecoat. Can I get the hole in the hose fixed. The hose is a 40 bar hose don't know how it burst.
  48. theclemo

    Kilsaran gp render

    Has anyone used it. Or sprayed it. They sent me bags to try out. GP Render - Renders | Kilsaran Build