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    shoulder operation.

    Hi Guys, Having keyhole surgery on my shoulder for an impingement in April been told that its a three month recovery period, just wondering if anyone on the forum has had the same procedure and if it cured the problem, already had two cortisone injections but weren't any good,
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    Danny how do I find the usefull/ agree / like icons, I know where the emojis are but cant find the others,
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    Hairline cracks

    Hi guys What would be an acceptable time given before a hairline crack or any cracks on overskim jobs, regardless of substrate becomes not our problem,done a bedroom in march of this year and got a call from customer saying that a crack has appeared on the ceiling, job in question was on a...
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    hi guys newbie from scotland

    Hi guys would like to say hello I look forward to joining in the future discussions and general banter, tcd :)