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  1. Arti

    Who's changed there minds on Brexit

    I've swamped to remain. Second referendum is needed. Will of the people an all that. They're all lying c**ts imo
  2. Arti

    Coving onto Tiles

    Got a bathroom to cove 127 which is all tiled. Not sure easy fill will get a good hold on the tiles and can't pin the cove to keep it up. I can screw the top obviously @malc mentioned using tile addy for cornice so is this the gear I need for the tiles? Thanks in advance Love Arti xxxxx
  3. Arti

    Is this your job mono don

    @scruffsworkwear: That came down quickly Shared via TweetCaster
  4. Arti

    Wood wool

    Reet gadgies and gadgets been asked to lime over some wood wool boards. Told the gadgie I've got limited lime experience but he says al be alreet So whats the dance? Is it just a lime top coat do I need mesh etc Thanks in advance Love Arti xxc
  5. Arti

    Silicone Top Coat Help

    Reet gadgies Av got an issue. Sometimes when you spray bucke coat you spray too much in one place and it goes all shiny and looks shite so i scraped a patch off and re sprayed but it still looks patchy so I either : 1. Respray the whole panel hoping to hide the patch but then the texture looks...
  6. Arti

    Noise stop 2 +Boards

    Anyone used these ? Got an internal party wall (2 floors) to dab these. f**k**g 45kg for a 1.2x1.2 board Cant see it being very effective dabbing them. Anyway not my system or idea or out of my pocket. Im just a gun fire hire
  7. Arti

    Ausonia Trowels

    @Vincey you must know about these
  8. Arti

    Amir Khan

    Reckon he should rap in now after being socked in the stones :risas:
  9. Arti

    Shite imitation stone repair advice

    Once I do the patching there will be a colour difference when I put the kiln dried sand on top. Can I go over the other stonework work with the sbr and sand to match it in abit better? This is a love job which a f**k**g hate doing tried to get the old gadgie to hack it all off it it is what it...
  10. Arti

    My view is

    The average man/woman on the the street are not educated enough with the finer details of our relationship with the EU to have voted on the referendum. A decision of this magnitude should have been given to a group of people from various intellectual backgrounds who knew the inner workings of...
  11. Arti


    Just seen this on twitter :risas:
  12. Arti

    Atlas Aval Renders

    Anyone heard of these. Had some gadgie rep on the phone asking if I wanna attend a free training day to become an approved installer :risas:. I declined but he sent me an email anyways. Surely they should becoming to view your graft before handing out approved contractor stickers :tonto:
  13. Arti

    Getting Older

    Got that winter bug and my sinisus have got my head banging. Took a few bags of finish from the van upstairs and I was sweating bullets by the time I got sorted. Bags felt twice as heavy was blowing oot me ass before I had even knocked up. Been popping pills like a 90's raver. Honey and lemon...
  14. Arti

    Anyone got a spare s*p*r*lex?

    Bent mine. Not that I use it a lot but they are handy. If anyone has one they don't use I'm the gadgie that needs it Love Arti Xxxxxx
  15. Arti

    Price Advice.

    Builder wants a price to supply and fix on his house. Never priced for it before just wanted some idea of metetage price and things to look out for/ pit falls etc. Held off doing EWI but since he's a marra thought it would be an OK job to have a blast at with his blessing
  16. Arti

    Oilcan the gentleman

    Cheers marra. They are beauts :rock:
  17. Arti

    Sand Blasting

    Bought a cheapo Seale sand blasting kit to have a play with and blasted my hop up to see if it was any good. Just used kiln dried sand mainly for the cost and it worked canny well. Could have done with a coarser grit for some bits tbh but all in all the kds is good enough for most clean up of tools
  18. Arti


    keep bending them and the refina ones dont last 5 mins. Anyone use decent ones that are a little more robust ? where can i get them ? Been looking for some thicker I bars as well Refina ones just too flexible. Got a trial one of Durham render thats about 2.5mm thick and its mint. so been...
  19. Arti

    Makita DAB fix

    @Olican did you do a fix with a paper clip in the power socket of the radio when it wouldn't work with a battery in the back? Anyway the radio won't work off batteries and av lost the fewkin powercable any assistance would be much appreciated Love Arti Xxxxxxc
  20. Arti

    Meshed ceiling ??

    Any of you gadgies seen a ceiling meshed like this before?? Was overboarding this on Friday and ain't never seen owt like it??
  21. Arti

    Hand balling K1

    Don't do it. It's f**k**g horrible
  22. Arti

    1 4 Vincey

    Got one if these from lidl. They are mustard. Battery powered sprayer £6
  23. Arti

    Pizza Oven

    Just do my 1St pizza oven and got another one in the pipeline. Customer built it all insulated and meshed the oven. Must be the new fad.
  24. Arti

    Whats Krend's OCR

  25. Arti

    Ritmo water setting keeps dropping

    Been spraying weber chalk all week with a new R&S started with a water setting of 180 by today its down to 140 had to keep adjusting the water every 10-15 minutes up to keep the mix spray able. Water filters are all clean, using a water butt and pump any ideas??? Love Arti xxxxx
  26. Arti

    Tool insurance claims

    Marra of mine had his van nicked off his drive the other week and couldn't find receipts for a few bits of gear so couldn't claim for everything. Anyways he was advised by the insurance gadgie to periodically lay all his gear out and take photos of all his gear as proof for any further claims...
  27. Arti

    Site managers

    Had a chuckle at this when i seen it on linkedin. Dont think he was expecting the replies he got :risas2:
  28. Arti

    Eibenstock mixer parts

    Need to find a parts list or diagram cos I think the bearings are gone cos it's canny noisy. Any ideas? ? @Plasterers1StopShop
  29. Arti

    Victas skimming

    Anyone used it and can you just remove the existing skim around the inset fire and reskim with it? I know victas recommend hacking off and using there render 1St but they're gonna say that aren't they
  30. Arti

    Ritmo mixing shaft for Bauwer lite

    Anyone got one??
  31. Arti

    Straight from the box 2

    @Vincey Picked up a new pressure washer today on my way to work. Opened the box plugged it in, got my hose reel out the van. Found the customers outside tap. It had the wrong connector on so asked him if he had a different one. He didn't, got back in the van drove to the garden centre got my...
  32. Arti

    Bodging it back in 1923

    Did some some patching on an old lime & latt wall yesterday and the angles were filled out with newspaper from 1923 even had chances back then :numberone:
  33. Arti

    Need to re write the rendering rule book

    Its 4-6mm thick, thats all you need................this forum has been conning us all these years:llorando: The wand is gonna go ape s**t. the circle of trust is gonna be in disarray
  34. Arti

    Tuff Phones

    Anyone got a tuff phone. Cat,Dewalt, defender type shock proof, waterproof, dustproof super dooper phones? Smashed another screen today so thinking it's time to get a tough phone Vincey probably has one or has emailed Nike to make him one Thanks in advance for all informative replies...
  35. Arti

    Plaster shortage

    Went to wickes this morning for some skim. Sign says couple of the kilns at BG are down. 2 week lead time. Xmas has come early :birra: See you f**k**s next year......:hola: I love you santa
  36. Arti

    R & S lifespan

    holding at 6bar on the pressure tester is that it fewked or has it still got some life in it ?? Thanks in advance for your informative replies Love Arti xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  37. Arti

    Expansion Beads

    Got to thincoat a big gable and I'm using expansion Beads to split it up just wondering if the render lads just over coat the expansion bead so it's all the same colour or mask it up so the bead colour is kept? Was just gonna spray over them so it's all the same colour Divvent nah if this is...
  38. Arti

    EWI onto single brick walls

    Whats the dance with using it on single leaf ? my old man has a single skin utillity and been meaning to have a blast with the EWI Just wondered if you just stick them or can you get short enough fixings to do both ? Cheers in advance Love Arti xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  39. Arti

    PFT Bionik shafts

    @PFTwales what's the benefit of these and can you get one for the Ritmo yet?
  40. Arti

    Book keeping software

    What's the general consensus on these? . Most reviews I've read are mixed so no clear winner Love Arti Xxxxx
  41. Arti

    Flushing the Ritmo

    Can you flush the water system through the water outlet? Reason I'm asking is I had to replace the solenoid valve last year after using wicked accelerator in the winter ( I was cleaning out with the water in the butt not realising it still had accelerator in it) so rather than cleaning out...
  42. Arti

    RWD Vans

    Always kept away from RWD Vans after getting stuck in the snow a few times with my 1St van so been looking at the transit customs with the medium/ high roof but lads seem to having them nicked every other week. Anybody got a high roof new tranny or a new sprinter and what's your thoughts...
  43. Arti

    Full mesh or stress patch

    Alreet gadgies. Don't do any spraying onto brickwork but got a couple of extensions to do on blockwork. Do the lads who do newbuilds fully mesh or just stress patch Love Arti Xxxxxx
  44. Arti

    Ritmo Tripping

    The ritmo was Tripping out the house electrics today. 1St time it's happened and I don't have a genny is there a circuit tester thingy you can use to check if the house electrics can take the drain of a machine or was I just unlucky? Was only 30m2 so just hand balled it but if it happened on I...
  45. Arti

    Super duper paints

    Will the new influx of paints. Dulux washable and greaseproof kitchen paints prove tricking to reskim in the future or will unifinish sort it all out? Just a thought to ponder.
  46. Arti


    It's good for networking. Who else is on it??
  47. Arti

    Surveyor Reports

    I like nothing more than shooting holes in surveyor reports regarding damp problems in houses that are being bought or sold. However, its getting f**k**g ridiculous, the amount of people ringing up scared shitless that there house is riddles with damp after some knobber surveyor has filled them...
  48. Arti

    Insulation help

    Been trying to work out the comparison u value of using celotex/kingspan or rock wool. Heard that you only need 100 mm celotex compared to 225mm rock wool?? Google can help me or may be I just can't find it. Anyone know the craic?? Looked at a condensation issue and the roof space has no...
  49. Arti

    Ritmo Compressor

    Been doing a s**t load of welding on my tranny and wondering if the ritmo Compressor will power the air gun to spray the underside of the van with underseal??