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  1. Smooth criminal

    Float .

    Isnt sto an american brand?? Come to think about it seen this getting used a while back as above doesnt need floating or a sponge.. Theres a youtube video available for this company havea look
  2. Smooth criminal

    Recoating silicon render

    Ive done a thincoat over mono before once primed not sure on silicone over silicone but i reckon its doable give a render rep a call
  3. Smooth criminal

    Render boards!!

    Best bet mate save your own back
  4. Smooth criminal

    Float .

    Refina diamond float are the best for polymodified basecoats
  5. Smooth criminal

    Render boards!!

    Well ive seen the lot fall off couldnt help but laff i no i shouldnt.. I think uve got a better chance using hp12 first as a base then the rest fill up to the beads with mono lightweight stuff.. 50/50 chance of it failing..
  6. Smooth criminal

    tapit , and tapit tape

    Why is everyone having a go at him for trying something new... I can see this being very handy on s&c walls were there are a nightmare to get anything in.. Or that crumbling corner which can be a pain in the ass... I agree staples on board are ideal or a good clout on most walls.. But could see...
  7. Smooth criminal


    Well i hope they have some good success.
  8. Smooth criminal


    I should have read official misic video good on him.... Did he go to uni in newcastle
  9. Smooth criminal


    My neice is learning to play that at the minute she getting really good aswell. How are they getting on have they been signed??
  10. Smooth criminal


    No im 6ft But if it saves dragging a hop up everywhere im in ive got the biggest ones but i do not often use them... not many ceilings at that height.
  11. Smooth criminal


    Brilliant cheers mate going to order them now
  12. Smooth criminal


    Whags a good size stilts to buy for the average home 18"-30 20"40 is the first one like a hop up height
  13. Smooth criminal


    Is he the singer mate or the actor.
  14. Smooth criminal

    Oatmeal krend for sale

    We all live and learn... Once is enough not to be bumped again.. Too expensive mate isnt it.. good to hear it didnt cost you in the end.
  15. Smooth criminal

    Oatmeal krend for sale

    Always do that myself to be fair.
  16. Smooth criminal

    Oatmeal krend for sale

    I certainly hope the customers paying for it after that choice last minute.. Wouldnt be coming out of my pocket
  17. Smooth criminal

    Stock up your food emergency packs.. And maybe a gun because we havent seen angthing yet

    I dont think we should be scared in fear but certainly be prepared for these scenarios.. This video has been deleted to the public.. There has just been a cyber attack already to putin as they wiped out the internet.. Even no Elon musk offered them his..
  18. Smooth criminal

    Stock up your food emergency packs.. And maybe a gun because we havent seen angthing yet

    Was only a matter of time before these assholes had planned this
  19. Smooth criminal

    Buying separate pir insulation and plasterboard - cheaper

    Sounds like the same process just more effort if you can save money just go for it... What kind of room is it going in??
  20. Smooth criminal

    One coat plaster /internal

    I dont see the point in that then defeating the object
  21. Smooth criminal

    Monocouche over decorative stone

    Id be weary of that myself why dont you just remove it start again
  22. Smooth criminal

    Lime render and gypsum mix

    Dont waste your time just reboard it and skim
  23. Smooth criminal

    Integrally coving.

    Stop bead around the edge all day mate once the the ceiling is done.. Doing one as we speak.. Unless there putting dedo back on stop bead is the only option otherwise theres no line to determine the ceiling and wall.
  24. Smooth criminal

    Todays fun

    Wack wholesale do them
  25. Smooth criminal

    New to forum - Liverpool

    Do you drive were you from??
  26. Smooth criminal

    Best Plastering Companies

    Try the pink plasterer shes based in liverpool were are you based shes a fellow female plasterer might be interested in adding another girl to her team
  27. Smooth criminal

    an old new member
  28. Smooth criminal


    Have thought about that in the summer but then my old age pensioners would have a heart t attack if they seen my root
  29. Smooth criminal


    You never get used to that stuff being all over you... Horrible stains like a bitch on any surface aswell.. I just buy a few leave them in the van when ready for the next job.
  30. Smooth criminal


    I just buy a throw away suit.. Best way
  31. Smooth criminal

    New Plaster Big Cracks

    Does the window move when you push it.. Half these window firm say there not allowed to use screws any more bollox to that ive watched windows fall straight into the gardens a couple of times... f**k**g cowboys.
  32. Smooth criminal

    an old new member

    1st vaccine reduces your white blood cells by 25% second vaccine is done in the time frame of 6 weeks to hit the white blood cells again reducing them to 75% as that is when the body is regenerates new ones.. Then you get hit with a booster shot which contains strains of hiv /aids now any one...
  33. Smooth criminal

    Victas products

    Why dont you just tell them to use s@c or just tile it. Theres there guarantee.
  34. Smooth criminal

    Hardwall on solid walls and tiling onto hardwall

    Ye as above.. As far as your bathroom skimmed 20 kg will be fine i certainly wouldnt tile on hardwall.. although fresh plasterboard will take the weight upto 30kg you could do with using moisture resistant boards if you decide on plasterboard or a hardie backer board. Also Will need tanking...
  35. Smooth criminal

    New job today

    If your plastering is as good as your boarding fair play
  36. Smooth criminal

    Thin coat

    Mono stains like a bitch even with the protection coats.. I no what you mean freshly done mono looks nice long term not the best
  37. Smooth criminal

    Cheeky b***rds

    Small claims court will settle that i no its probably going to take a little longer but your at a complete loss digging it up plus your time to do it.. Its not worth the hassle then you dont want a slanging match over tbe internet with reviews and everything else. Civil dispute solicitor letter...
  38. Smooth criminal

    Thin coat

    Ye its got to to be tight but not too tight were you scrape the b*ll***s off seen a few of those ones about... Prefer it over mono though
  39. Smooth criminal

    Thin coat

    When hand applied its applied thicker when sprayed like a mist..
  40. Smooth criminal

    Thin coat

    Always wondered as it must go on thinner..
  41. Smooth criminal

    Thin coat

    Does it set quicker when sprayed with a ritmo mate... Or just the same
  42. Smooth criminal

    Angle beads - Sand and cement

    Can only imagine how this will turn out.. Leave a picture when done
  43. Smooth criminal

    Thin coat

    Right behjnd you mate got this one on monday hope fully
  44. Smooth criminal

    Is this job satisfactory?

    Looks ok to me.. Could have give the walls a wipe down with a cloth.. Cleaned the coving down but if you want to see a bad job scroll down on here
  45. Smooth criminal

    Newly painted plaster odour..

    Its not the missus is it
  46. Smooth criminal

    Silicone render remover

    Cheers mate il give that a go.