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  1. puddove

    students work-- external rendering / pargeting

    hi guys here are some photos of work the students have completed - started out as a small project, (external rendering ) this work goes above and beyond what is required by the governing body CITB at level 2
  2. puddove

    barnsley: marvelous

    fooking hell my local team have certainly turned our season around ------- a trip to wembley and steaming up the league ------ into play off position :birra: a few ciders are in order even the dee dars are looking in amazement :inocente::reloco:
  3. puddove

    project work

    hi guys this is a project completed by 1 of my students
  4. puddove

    jute /hessian scrim

    hi guys, do any of you guys use the old fashioned jute/hessian scrims on plasterboard joints, on sites or domestics i still teach my learners how to apply to ceiling /wall angles, a good exercise, for tool control
  5. puddove

    floating beads / standard angle beads

    hi guys which is your favoured preference when positioning and fixing beads for floating & setting (windows / door openings) the horizontal first then the verticals or the vertical then the horizontals - and why
  6. puddove

    shellac, an alternative ?

    hi guys- after my shellac went missing from my workshop,:RpS_cursing: had a chat with the joinery lecturer regards an alternative, Mylands H/B water based Lacquer gloss - this was brushed onto the (dry) reverse mould, this was allowed to dry then polished off with a dry pad of scrim, this...
  7. puddove

    more fhotos of students work

    a curved cornice in situ the completed project - with enrichments planted in position tracery panel moulding
  8. puddove

    a few photos of students work

    hi guys - a couple of projects completed by my students the plasterwork was assessed prior to the students painting
  9. puddove

    sheffield at wembly

    hi guys any dee dars going to Wembley tomorrow to watch the blades - good luck guys :RpS_thumbup:
  10. puddove

    new member

    Hi my name is Phil Dove, I have just joined the forum:RpS_biggrin: I have been plastering since 1981, working sites mainly in south and west Yorkshire, as the work dried up I did a side step, and started working in a fibrous workshop making and fixing fibrous products- I must say this type of...