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    Funniest comment of the year ???

    Coming towards the end of the year so what's the funniest post/ thread / reply you've had on the TPF For me the funniest post I've seen was about turning up to a customers house in wellies to plaster ..... still laugh to myself when I think about this .... comedy gold !! :D
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    Thanks BG :)

    Cheers BG - quality little thermos :)
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    Advice Plz

    Howdy Alls Been asked to render over tyrolean ... its not that old, seems solid enough barring a few small patches where the window fitters have installed . Pushing for complete hack off as never like adding weight but was wondering if theres any thin coat systems ? From reading up the only...
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    Great trowel deal from Refina ....

    Just got an email from Refina Refina : 14'' s*p*r*lex 14'' Plazi 14'' S/s Trowel Al this delivered for £76 .... bargin to be honest ... pity im only after a new s/s trowel to start breaking in as a spare
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    Has anyone ever ??

    Anyone ever cut down a speedskim 1200 blade to fit a 600mm ??
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    The Order : 1886 PS4

    Howdy alls Selling The Order .... like new condition .. £32 including free 1st class postage
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    Site Safety Trainers - Size 8

    Site Safety trainers Size 8 - Im a size 9 and they fit me Worn a couple of times - as new really £15 delivered via 2nd class r.m