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  1. Ritch

    Him again.

    Sad cuntt
  2. Ritch

    Airless spray plastering

    Roaring :LOL:
  3. Ritch

    Redering on eml fix to timber

    Eml on timber frame vented or not will crack to fook. Render carrier board and a thin coat render is what u need bud
  4. Ritch

    Vaulted ceilings with straight angles not curved

    Laser or chalk line for me
  5. Ritch

    The new faster plaster

    Only real spreads drink every night ain’t that right @algeeman :LOL:
  6. Ritch

    Hows business

    4rooms a month :LOL: I need to slow down I skimmed out 2 rooms today around hundred sqaure:LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL:
  7. Ritch

    Hows business

    What does that mean ? I want to know what he’s doing in that room for 6 days, fecking unbelievable Jeff
  8. Ritch

    Hows business

    5-6 days in a average room did I hear that correct ? Wtf u doing in there :LOL:
  9. Ritch


    That’s cheap
  10. Ritch

    Johnny whonny!

    Don’t worry it’s your turn today :LOL:
  11. Ritch

    Views on different sized trowels

    Not everyone is the same bud he probably makes it look easier then u do your 3 small sets, I would hate to have to do 3 sets in a day fook that but that’s me
  12. Ritch

    Views on different sized trowels

    Yes mate blokes a machine ex para years back very strong fit bloke
  13. Ritch

    Frozen shoulder

  14. Ritch

    Views on different sized trowels

    I know spreads who smash 25 slab gauges on there own with a 13x5 carbon start to finish no gimmicky trowels used in the process :LOL:
  15. Ritch


    Looks like one of @Casper job :LOL::LOL: hour and ahalf drive too, fook that I’d want absolute stupid money to churn a shitt job out like that, that far away
  16. Ritch


    Use dulux and your realise how shite leyland is terrible paint
  17. Ritch

    Views on different sized trowels

    13inch carbon for me, bigger trowels are asking for future arthritis and f**k*d joints, even 14 is too big for me lol
  18. Ritch

    Job Cancellations

  19. Ritch


    That lehland paint is trash covers awful, I’ve just converted my garage had dulux to start then ran out and finished it with that layland not a trade paint even tho it’s says it’s is
  20. Ritch

    Dewalt cordless light.

    When it’s finished take plenty of pics so you can share on here. make sure that dewalt lights is on full blast then u can show everyone how good u are :LOL:
  21. Ritch

    Dewalt cordless light.

    You need a good ten of them in room while plastering u blind bat
  22. Ritch


  23. Ritch

    18 inch serrated spat

    On cement/aqua board they work a treat bud
  24. Ritch

    Fully qualified screeder looking for work

    Nigel at Nma flooring has most of the screed work wrapped up in Devon give him a shout really nice chap got a cracking business and pays well
  25. Ritch

    No messing

    Your jobs are soo shitt id give up plastering if I had to churn shitte out like that all the time
  26. Ritch


    Yeah had a funny couple sets the other day real greasy seems like it’s going off but then won’t trowel up. And when it’s on your hawk it f**k**g slides all over the place. Start of winter skimming load of shitee
  27. Ritch

    External wall, lime, thermal plaster board, sand and cement…help

    Tank the wall, stud it off, foil back board it and insulate it, job done nice plumb square walls
  28. Ritch

    New render blown and cracked in places

    All renders are pretty crap s&c coulered render all crack eventually, then your thin coats and one coat bagged s&c they micro crack too, give me a brick house over a rendered one all day long or even better a nice solid bit of stone work
  29. Ritch

    Plasterer issues, advice?

    That’s as bad as it gets I’m afraid. call him up and tell him your suing him for vandalising your house do not hand him a penny u gonna need to spend some good money to get that rectified
  30. Ritch

    Womens football.

    Not as gash as your plastering u old bat
  31. Ritch

    140 year old house (advice needed!)

    U sound like my old English teacher, a right boring cunnt jog on u cheap ass. Old saying pay nice not twice. look it up in the English dictionary it’s under cheap ass blagger asking dumb ass questions looooool
  32. Ritch

    140 year old house (advice needed!)

    How’s that a stupid comment? , the only stupid cunnt is u, nothing is cost effective on a money pit plot like that looooool
  33. Ritch


    Don’t go crying again in my inbox like last time u fuckking old bat, u still vandalising poor peoples homes u old dosser
  34. Ritch


    There he is the big sweaty old sock you finally un ignored me loooool
  35. Ritch


    Get a life. plastering on a Sunday your misses must be a right cunnt loool
  36. Ritch

    Dewalt fan

    Those fans are soooo bad there a gimmick
  37. Ritch

    What rod and reel

    Just google sidewinders lures and get the heaviest ones they have bud
  38. Ritch

    Dewalt fan

    Great idea blowing hot air round your room while your skimming
  39. Ritch

    What rod and reel

    That’s cool bud, a jog head is a weight and hook combo that u slide in the rubber lure to help it sink, or if on the boat get heavy weighted sidewinders there the best lure for bass
  40. Ritch

    What rod and reel

    Went bass fishing off a jetty the other night and got escorted off by 4 coppers for trespassing lol fuckingg piss take
  41. Ritch

    What rod and reel

    8ft spinning rod 15-18 pound mono and some nice rubber lures with a jig head for estuary, on a boat you want a boat rod strong line and heavy lures let the lure hit the bottom 2 cranks up and wait for the bass to hit,
  42. Ritch


    Catching them on lures bud, sidewinders rubber worm type lures mainly whites and greens coloured ones, hit like a train bass awesome fighting fish especially in shallows they got nuts
  43. Ritch


    It was to show a spark on another job how it should be done properly the cuntt, absolute hacking in boxes and chases in on a reno job I’mon lol
  44. Ritch


    More bass
  45. Ritch


    Lol some random pics in there too
  46. Ritch


    We’ve been fishing the estuary all weekend just gone, had tons of good bass, awesome fight catching them on the low water 2foot deep.
  47. Ritch

    Off chance

    That’s me out then lol
  48. Ritch

    Dewalt t stak dab radio

    Your be buying the dewalt cordless dildo next, get a life/hobby then buying work tools u sad act loool
  49. Ritch


    Went down again today/tonight fished the low, insane amount of fish in there at the mo, had 6 good bass ,a 5 pounder and some 2-3 pound, then hooked a massive 10plus but snapped the line drag was too tight