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    Im looking at getting a cordless paddle mixer which is best any ideas need it for a firm mix

    Cordless are great ... no leads etc but a few years in you'll be paying £250-300 for a couple of new batteries as they all have a charge cycle and stop holding full power .... so your £500-600 drill after 4-5 years will be costing you near a grand when a megamixer is £270 ish which last ages
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    How to use plasiflex?

    Get a refina non foamed plazi pal .... don't bother with the foam ones (foam ones are useful for curves etc though You can trowel up with them after you've flattened off and the gears picked up slightly .... just keep the blade really closed ... better on board work imo ... overskims id only...
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    Does this look right?

    Spur marks on the skirting should of given it away ...... ive seen a neater job after ive pebble dashed my toilet !!
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    Book keeping software

    Just set up an excel sheet - tab every month ... all working week dates then expenses section and put the formulas in cells so it adds it all up and subtracts from expenses etc .... easiest way
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    Flash then hang

    Its the middle of summer and that sounds about right tbh ...
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    Flash then hang

    It took you 30 mins to put on 12m2 of plaster ??
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    First use of a s*p*r*lex

    I use a Refina - I use mine on 2nd coat after its been flattened with a speedskim, 1st trowel you need no pressure then a couple more as its going should see you right once you get the hang of it, but done right you'll be laughing after the 1st trowel at the work it takes out of it. Above was...
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    Too flexible the Nela imo ... mine developed a crack on the blade in line with the adhesive . The Nela is for final swipe / polish . Non backed Refina you can use a lot more as there isn't a lot of flex ....
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    The only plazi worth having is a Refina non foamed back blade .... no flex in it .... But only used when your gears picked up a lot and with a really closed blade ... anyone that's ever had bumps in there gear is using it at the wrong time imo
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    Plasterers scheme

    Yes they do but I ment the schemes designed for you to use it on your own potential work / enquiries also not just pump leads to you and that's the scheme if that makes sense
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    Plasterers scheme

    Its not a lead generation scheme (although you do get some leads) its more aimed at using the literature they provide and explaining the different product s/benefits / guarantee etc to the customer... .... I couldn't comment on the fees and assessments etc as I don't know @CeeVee it...
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    Plasterers scheme

    As much multi dust as I could brush and shovel into my van .... didn't get much in having a Bedford rascal !!
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    Plasterers scheme

    Well I had a good day :D @Vincey the breakfast /lunch was good again :bananahappy: @gps loads to be assessed I heard today @algeeman that would be telling ;) @CeeVee sorry they said your finish is rougher than Pat Butchers face in the morning ...........(only joking pal :D) Have you tried...
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    Plasterers scheme

    Will do @Vincey
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    Plasterers scheme

    Breakfasts are good @Vincey .... down there twice this week ... nice break from waving at walls ....
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    Plasterers scheme

    Yes I am
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    wasnt expecting this

    Used to go back to a m8s after pool league and carry on drinking ... where I used to live I could cut through a church /grave yard back home... anyway one night it was sleeting down so I decided to walk the long way round rather than negotiate wet, mossy paving slabs ... next morning drove past...
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    Elbow pain

    Had it a few times ... seems to be worse when in bed and sleeping with arm at an angle rather than straight Glucosamine tablets have sorted my wrist and things like this .... give em a whirl
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    Wrist pain

    Glucosamine tablets Pal ... I had serious pains in my wrist and after about 2 weeks of these kicking in its gone .... actually amazed as I thought my days were numbered
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    Quiz of the week 2

    You asked 'whats this' My answer is a picture of speedskims lol
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    Refina cork handle

    Ive got a cork handle on my Refina s/s trowel ..... better than the standard blue I find ... leather ones are good but find they slip after a lot of wear when the leather becomes shiny
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    Top films

    Films wise ... Caddy shack, national lampoons animal house, big trouble in little China all old school classics .... Try quarry, the strain, power for TV shows ... All decent... Quarry's the newest and is quality
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    Laying on White Set here in Perth:

    When I was in perth in 2012 I didn't struggle with the methods or the materials .... skimming was more or less the same as here in regards to knowing how to handle a trowel but I found the heat a deal breaker when floating internals .... doing 10-15 years of that would ruin your body imo ...
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    trowelling up process

    That'd be none nowadays ....:LOL:
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    trowelling up process

    Can we have a picture of you on your air guitar please :guitarra::frio:
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    trowelling up process

    Its a picture of the summer dull sky @theclemo 's taken when deciding whether to get out his van :sorprendido3:
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    trowelling up process

    Shouldn't be nervous pal ... I adapted my technique from advice from people like @scottie5 and a few others, varying from timings for using a refina s*p*r*lex / speedskim etc to even mastering using a refina plaziflex (stiff blade) to trowel up. For me just bang your hit on then just speedskim...
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    Interesting Projects....

    @theclemo .... glad it wasn't the ceiling as well with them wonky lines haha ....
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    Refina s*p*r*lex or Marshall Town Trowl

    If its the black rubber ones there spot on ... had a couple ages now and still goin strong .... Also got a Putz big ass bucket last week .... gotta say there very good ... easy to clean as well . Want another one now but need to find some other toys to add to the order haha
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    Is it just me???

    Cant beat getting a good sweat on .... cleans you out .... remember when I was in Oz rendering in 40oc plus heat I lost half a stone some days it was that hot and I was taking 10 litres of water to site a day and not even goin for a piss .....
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    Refina s*p*r*lex or Marshall Town Trowl

    Got A refina S/S trowel ... quality trowel to be fair and use Refina supeflex ... had the same s*p*r*lex for over a year now and can trowel walls up with 2 passes .... Tried a Nela recently that another spread had ... was decent to be fair but stuck in my ways with Refina as never given me a...
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    whats the best plastering tip/advice youve been giving

    I always find buying decent halogen bulbs makes them last an age ... Phillips ones etc yet cheap shitty poundshop ones go quickly ... Only issue with no glass is all it takes is some stray water and your fooked ...
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    Customer complaint

    Just ring British Gas and tell them he offered you cash in hand foreigners whilst using there van etc :D Just tell the fooker to sue you ... courts will look at who's been unreasonable etc like asking for a 66% refund etc ... the fact you returned to the job to sort 3 marks shows your not...
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    Can't find words for a title for this thread. You'll understand why!

    Guess Santa will be in for a shock this xmas ..... or is his corpse wedged further down ???
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    whats the best plastering tip/advice youve been giving

    Pictures !! .... we need pictures god dammit !!
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    whats the best plastering tip/advice youve been giving

    Or just run masking tape round woodwork in general ... 5-10 mins work at the start and customer love it
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    whats the best plastering tip/advice youve been giving

    Along with always use a sponge on multi when one coating as the finish is the same as 2 coating ... all priceless info ... O and I nearly forgot... wear wellies on domestics !! :eek::p;)
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    whats the best plastering tip/advice youve been giving

    Always cover Virgin boxes and get out of plastering as soon as I can ... all advice from here . :sorprendido3:
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    P1SS Rep on the road

    I need a s**t load of new tools .... does he have any Refina in the van ?? :reloco::sorprendido3:
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    claim by customer

    Fook it .... just turn up, ask to see then go mental and start smashin it up then pop her husband flush in the chops .... *Falling Down 2 : Fall of a Plasterer*
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    claim by customer

    Id be keeping that text or printing it out ... like I said days ago you only know theres grit in it if your turning it upside down or man handling it .... load of b*ll***s if you ask me especially if its still working .... let them leave a review and like I said before just reply with ' they...
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    What van ??

    Bedford Rascal all the way ....... but then again I only put a bag of multi on a day :sorprendido3::bananahappy:
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    claim by customer

    Don't forget to light it before you knock on ... ;)
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    claim by customer

    @Lodan well don't pay and let them post a review then reply with ' they wanted me to pay for a new Virgin box that was still working' .... that's your side and let people make there own choice ... you'll always come across some t**t in life like that regardless of what you do ...
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    claim by customer

    They sound it pal .... find it bizarre ... its working yet they can hear grit ... only way your doing that is shaking it or man handling it 'looking' for something .... doesn't surprise me they are well off and trying something on for money ... always the way with people like that
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    claim by customer

    How can you hear grit inside it ... tell em to keep shaking it and then it will be broke ... funniest thing ive heard lol
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    claim by customer

    Pity they didn't put it in an email or text for proof its ' working' I always tell people everything like that's removed or work wont be done ..... avoids any potential problem
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    claim by customer

    Your paying for a box that 'works fine ' but because it has grit in it .. sounds too me there having you over
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    It never pulls in quick on a Saturday

    Work in a Kebab shop with those big hands @theclemo :D