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  1. Ajaplastering

    Looking for trainee/improver

    Looking for a lad that wants to learn the trade I am based in Stratford-Upon-Avon please drop me a message for further details thanks
  2. Ajaplastering

    Plastering prices

    Afternoon all I am pricing a big job I am just interested to know what people are charging per m2 for 3 metre high ceilings and walls bearing in mind there going to be need to be done off towers I am based Stratford upon Avon West Midlands thanks in advance
  3. Ajaplastering


    Looking for a lad that can lay on bead up board etc and willing to learn more
  4. Ajaplastering

    Skim machine

    Any recommendations on spray machines for skimming pros and cons and which machine to go for thanks
  5. Ajaplastering

    Splash brush wash out brush

    What splash brush and wash out brush do you lads recommend mine are well worn down
  6. Ajaplastering

    Carlite skim finish

    been using this weeks now good old tack saves me ringing merchants up the time and effort organising or not being able to get hold of board finish or multi so cut all that out and buy all my materials from walls and ceilings in alcester now
  7. Ajaplastering

    Looking for a spread

    Looking for a plasterer to help me out on my jobs near Stratford upon Avon potential full time work
  8. Ajaplastering

    Carlite ultra finish

    I used carlite ultra finish for the first ever time very good product only problem I had I can’t see lines in it etc when trowelling them out aswell as when using multi or board finish mind you that could also be to me probably going blind here is the out come any way
  9. Ajaplastering


    Just wanted to say hi I am Andy from Warwickshire I run my own business aja plastering just wanted to come on here to ask some questions and learn abit more about the trade and the products used
  10. Ajaplastering

    Carlite ultra finish

    As above I have got hold of aload of carlite ultra finish how do you rate this guys? Never use it before to me it just looks like drying times are quicker advice needed please
  11. Ajaplastering

    Newbie to the page

    Morning all hope most of you are enjoying your day off just thought I would say hello as I am new to this forum just abit about me I am 37 live in warickshire and run my own business aja plastering what’s every ones plans today then ?
  12. Ajaplastering

    Plastering prices

    Morning all hope your enjoying your Sunday’s off just joined here new to the page I am just wondering what you lads charge per m2 on high vaulted stuff it’s 17 metres long 4 metres high 5 metres width and the ceiling may have to be rolled in all have to be done off scaffold thanks I am based...