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  1. kgreigh

    joshua v whyte

    Anyone see it?not what I was expecting but a good watch.lots of hype and cheap talk before the fight made it what it was,Joshua seemed to let it get to him and took his eye off the fight:cachetada:
  2. kgreigh

    Parex over night?

    evening chaps as above,i have a house to do in the next week or so weather permitting.thanks in advance.
  3. kgreigh

    Nela range....

    just looked on p1ss website and the range seems to be getting bigger,nela skimming spats,Venetian trowels,merchandise And then the Hawks/handboards,premium trowels and s*p*r*lex (which I said I didn't like the new ones but now I'm used to them I prefer them to the older version so Il have to...
  4. kgreigh

    My little apprentice

    So we started at home doing some small mouldings and theory work...we then went to site to put theory to practise..
  5. kgreigh

    TPF top tips

    what are the top tips you have learned from the the plasterers forum?in the year I have been a member there have been many,but to choose one although simple was to cut into the side of the scrim a few times on each edge to stop fraying,@Priceplastering Was the op i think and has saved me many...
  6. kgreigh

    Stilts and vaults

    As I was skimming a vaulted ceiling the other day I wondered if the lads who use stilts would use them in this situation and how they would use them? Would you do the top at one height then lower them for the middle and so on untill you could reach from the floor. Or do you not bother and use...
  7. kgreigh

    Bucket trolly

    picked this up from lidl today for £7.99 just thaught I'd let you know,it'll come in handy for me!
  8. kgreigh

    New Nela

    just received my new Nela supaflex and can notic some alterations. The corners are more rounded,and the most notable thing is the blade, it seems much more rigid than the other one I have. I know my old one is worn in but I'm sure it wasn't as rigid as this one. Has anyone noticed any change...
  9. kgreigh

    Plasterers in Leicester area

    As the title says I'm looking for plastering contacts in the Leicester or notts area as I have turned down a bit of work of late including some quite substantial sized jobs.the lads I normally use are also busy and i have some more work in the pipeline that I can't fit into my schedule, I'd...
  10. kgreigh

    Carbon trowels?

    evening chaps,of late I have been considering purchasing a carbon steel trowel,I have used one a few times but have almost exclusively used ss trowels,are there any tips or advice you can give on which makes and models are worth a shout,looking after them and if you use a smaller or larger...
  11. kgreigh

    Limelite high impact

    hi chaps just wanted to know what bonding agent needs to be used with this product on re skims over gypsum and lime as said before I havnt used this product and limelite say it can be used on reskims but don't mention preparation. Thanks in advance for any advice:)
  12. kgreigh


    Evening chaps,I have a job to look at in a couple of days,I already know the house is ironstone with traditional lime plaster that is in need of repair or redoing,the house owners agree with me in keeping to lime,I have no shame in admitting that I haven't used limelite before,none of our local...
  13. kgreigh

    speedskim review,blue blade

    ok curtesy of @Speedskim I recieved a 1200mm,600mm and a pole attachment as a prize from the pool tournament and thaught id share my findings. sand and cement I first had the opportunity to use the speedskim on s&c,il get this out the way first as it's the worst bit,I sruggled to get to grips...
  14. kgreigh


    Hello all,i feel im paying over the odds for parex and mono in general,i have been using the local merchants and the price keeps going up:RpS_cursing: im looking for a new supplier,say from the internet,can anyone point me in the right direction,it would be much appreciated:RpS_biggrin: ,unsure...
  15. kgreigh

    s&c ratio

    Eveningall,i have a 3m x 3m area to render with s&c then use a tuck pointer/small tool to draw a flemish bond brick pattern in the top coat to later be painted to match the rest of the building whitch is painted bricks. The area to be rendered is made up of 1m x 3m thermolite blocks then 1m x 3m...
  16. kgreigh

    mono and log burner

    Hi fellas,a builder i have just started working for has asked me if it would be ok to use mono around his log burner.the honest answer from me is,i do not know, so i said i would try to find out.any info would be much appreciated.
  17. kgreigh

    collated screws

    Evening all!my local merchants is regularly changing the brand of collated screws they stock,whitch sometimes causes me a problem as certain brands tend to jam in my makita collated screw gun,any feedback or advice,as to what screws you find work best with a makita screwgun would be much...
  18. kgreigh


    I ordered myy first item from p1ss at 11am yesturday have just got back from work to find my order waiting for me, a 16ins nela premium whitch I might add looks fantastic, also found a courtesy p1ss/nela tshirt in the parcel whitch I will happily wear to work after the service I reecieved, would...
  19. kgreigh


    Hi people im interested in getting some stilts, I have never used them before and wondered how easy they are to use, any info on stilts in general would also be appreciated. Thanks
  20. kgreigh


    Hi people just a quick intro names kyle im a spread from the Leicester area, new to the furum and social networking for that matter so still getting used to it all.
  21. kgreigh


    Hi people, just a quick intro,names kyle im a spread from the Leicester area, new to the forum, and social networking for that matter so just getting used to it all.cheers