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    plastering of ceilings

    hi all will be doing a ceiling next week its 15 square metres now this is the biggest ceiling I have attempted so just looking for some advice on how to get the best results its in a bedroom painted ceiling thanks in advance :RpS_unsure:
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    hi all just a quick question I have just reboarded a wall in in my sons room and have cut the light switch hole to big is there a way to repair this or will I have to start again thanks for ya help
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    over boarding

    when over boarding a already plastered wall can you screw the board on or do you have to dot and dab thanks in advance
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    looking for work experiance

    hi iam currently working toward my city guilds level 2 in plastering and was wondering if anyone would like to let me to help them out in my down time to get some on the job experience in the Newcastle upon tyne area thanks for your help
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    just saying hi

    currently studying my city and guilds level 2 just thought I would say hi and may have a few questions from time to time