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  1. scotsplasterer

    pft g5

    Got one coming tomorrow morning. Not used this one before, anyone able to give me a quick rundown of the machine, we are going to be putting silicon dash through it as well as the basecoat, 2 polish guys are running one on the same site but they don't talk a word of English so you can imagine...
  2. scotsplasterer

    stonepack scratch render

    Alright folks long time no speak, seems alot of new faces onboard. Almost finished a decent sized job using this gear. A hell of a lot better than krend and only £6 a bag. Nice finish northing like ft. More like classic stone. Costumers well happy as I said krend was old hat and I hate...
  3. scotsplasterer

    krend silicon overdash

    Alright guys. Long time no speak, hope yous are all good. arrived onsite at new job yesterday. Ment to be silicon dash but instead they have sent silicon overdash. I havent used this before, im thinking it's the wrong gear. The job is half new built the rest is existing. The old dash has...
  4. scotsplasterer

    roughcasting (pebble dashing)

    been a plasterer since i left school, now 32 so been at it a wee while. was always taught to coat a whole pannel before harling it, a litre of waterproof to a gauge wich does 20m2. even on a 70m2 gabble end, can manage a pannel like that alone with a labourer, coat it then go back and hit it...
  5. scotsplasterer

    sauna and plungepool room

    hi fellas, long time no see been as busy as a bee. i have a room to do which is going to house a sauna and plungepool, the client is interested in marble, does any of you guys have any tips, i can do venetian plastering and wondered which one would suit best, ie marmarino, or a similair brand...
  6. scotsplasterer

    Im back

    had a hellish few months, caught my missus cheating on me with a joiner i used to work with, gobsmacked to say the least, didnt hit the guy although i wanted to, i packed up and moved away from that town, spent 6 years getting the contacts and proving myself to be a good spread, now the phone...
  7. scotsplasterer

    which machine

    looking into getting a machine not for internal work though, we want it for rendering, we use alot of sand cement in this area, so it would need to pump that on, looking at putzmeisters ones, are they 20k. is it a worthy investment. we can put on 200m2 a week by hand so if we got double that...
  8. scotsplasterer

    a few pics

    an awkward bloody job with the angles and those hideous cls beams lol, like to see 3bagger do this in 1 gauge, a ceiling which i used 3 bags on aswell only 5 at a time,
  9. scotsplasterer


    got 50 windows to put bands on, the house already has an exsisting dry dash which they want to keep, so will be using beads, thinking of using powerwalls smooth band, or a scratch render. whats your thoughts, what would you use, dont want to use sand cement want to be able to mix it with my...
  10. scotsplasterer

    material suppliers

    got a new cornice to run, so going to need to order alot, anyone know of suppliers that wouls stock rubber for enrichment mouldings, been on phone all day definetly dieing trade up here no one sells it. also have yous seen the spray rubber that you just put over the original. the job is running...
  11. scotsplasterer

    Lunch break "planking" by labourer

    This is how we amuse ourselfs at break time, can anyone beat this plank by chris the lab.
  12. scotsplasterer

    Rendering over polysteel

    hi their tpf, have any of you rendered a house made from polysteel. The cavitys filled with concreate and its insulated inside and out. I recently done a wet dash over EML fixed into the steel straps it was a complete nitemare it took a week to lath 80m2, ran a stop bead round the top and inside...
  13. scotsplasterer

    Hi to all on TPF

    im Ryan a self imployed plasterer, thought i would introduce myself, been in the job since i left school now 31 and still doing it, living in tayside at the moment, works been slow over the last year or so really picking up now been busy last few months and the phones still ringing im glad to...