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    Hi all Doing a bit of dashing next week but need to try and match existing , I normally use 5-1 and 1 with soft sand on top cot but it’s not quite light enough , any suggestions Ta
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    Rain damaged mono

    Hi all , long time no speak What's your thoughts on this . Did a mono job last week , next day it lashed down ( not forecast ) who pays to redo , me , builder or client Tricky Blade
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    Hello troops, monocouche on to cast concrete , whats the procedure ? Blade P.S anyone wanna give me a price for 250m2 in South London
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    anyone in surrey / tadworth kinda area need a couple of weeks ? , easy stuff , bit of patching , few small lids etc
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    Beads , scrim , screws , pva etc

    been getting a pretty good deal on this kinda stuff recently from a company up north , they deliver down to me and are still much cheaper than local for instance 4 boxes beads , 48 rolls scrim , 12 gallons pva and they normally throw in freebee of some kind for less than £ 200 . Do you...
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    Just bought a cheap set of scalpels off Ebay , so i,m gonna start doing a few small ops at the weekends , so if any of you need bunions or warts removed , i,m ya man , if anyone out there can give me some advise on stiching up that would be well handy . Hoping after a few weeks ill be able to...
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    Site Radio

    Anyone know wheres the best ( cheapest ) place to get em ?
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    I know i,m a newbie ,but ive been in the biz 30 years and run a ok plastering company , but isnt talking about prices on a open forum a bit wrong , anyone who is anyone can look and make a judgement , shouldnt prices be discussed in a more private way Just a thought slag me off at will...
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    I have never heard of spats , what ist it and how does it work , whats the application technique , ive got a few soreads and none of them know about them , 1st time i heard of them was on here , can someone enlighten me Blade
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    Ashlar render

    What method do you use to cut in lines , wet or dry render . Just completed a huge job in London and the designer now wants a smoother finish so he wants it completely toupret and sanded so its like a internal finish and the ashlar re cut :RpS_bored: Blade
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    Tiger Marks

    Hello all Nice to find a plasterers forum :RpS_thumbup: , can anyone shed some light on this problem , ive been plastering for many many years , but recently ive found my setting is getting tiger marks ( drags ) in it , tried using wetter , stiffer setting , watering it , keeping it dry ...
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    im a plasterer :RpS_lol: Blade