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  1. J

    Renderers Wanted Crewe £17 pm

    renderers wanted for k-rend job in crewe, 4 full detached houses to do before Christmas £17 p/m . New build work, straight on to block. call 07909163434.
  2. J

    Boarders, Dabbers, Skimmers & Renderers required

    Busy North west based firm Looking for experienced new build site plasterers and renderers for sites in Manchester, Cheshire and crewe areas. Immediate starts available, Call 07909163434. James.
  3. J

    Rendering gangs wanted for site In Crewe.

    Gangs wanted for k rend job In Crewe. All new build work, 2 full houses ready for immediate start with a further 3 to follow behind .it's a big site in Crewe with a lot of render to come . Price is £14 p/m straight on to block. Call 07909163434. Cheers, James.
  4. J

    Dabbers and skimmers wanted

    Dabbers and skimmers urgently required for work on new build sites around the north west area 07909163434
  5. J

    Boarders and dabbers wanted crewe and Sandbach areas

    Board and dab gangs wanted for immediate start In crewe and Sandbach areas and throughout the northwest. New build work must have cscs card. Pm me for details.
  6. J

    Site boarders and dabbers wanted Northwest area ongoing work

    Experienced site Board & Dab Gangs wanted for work in the northwest area. Good Rates and ongoing work. Must be experienced in site work and be able to work to a high standard. Send your contact details and a brief overview of experience, who you have worked for previously etc to...
  7. J

    Wickes accelerator mixing ratio

    Gonna use this stuff tomorrow for the first time, i'm hand balling so going to ad it to each mix as I go, does anyone know how much to add to a mix per bag of render? Or how much to say 20-25 litres of water as I usually mix in tubs that can hold 4 or 5 bags at a time when handballing. Cheers.
  8. J

    Machine for sale

    Reluctantly selling my Utiform Quattro 3 phase machine. 2007 model , Good machine, it works well and comes with a new gun, new 10m material hose plus another 5m length of material hose (15m in total), new mixing paddle/shaft, pressure tester for R/S , new test pipe, water barrel with ball cock...
  9. J

    R/S question

    I recently switched from a 240v ritmo to a 3 phase machine and I've bee using a d-63 R/S. I have a few jobs which are quite bitty but big enough to want to spray them still and i'm missing the speed function of the ritmo. the question I have is can I use a different R/S to slow down the...
  10. J

    K-rend e-grade blockages

    Is anyone spraying e-grade regularly ? I don't use it much I prefer weber or parex for spraying but I've got a few jobs on where the customer is adamant they want k-rend. I've used it twice last week and I have had a blockage in the pipe both times after stopping spraying for five to ten minutes...
  11. J

    genpus genset 1kva battery?

    been told the genny i might be buying needs a new battery but is otherwise running fine, where can i get a battery for this genny? anyone know?
  12. J

    Best way to test a genny?

    Found what could be a bargain on ebay in the form of a Genset Genplus 14kva Genny for 700 notes. Its a fair way from me so if i'm gonna treck all that way I want to test it, but i'm not the most mechanically knowledgeable fella (I know fook all about engines of any sort) so thought i'd ask the...
  13. J

    Learning the importance of wearing dust masks the hard way

    Did a bit of mono yesterday and it was a bit windy in the alleyway where the gable was so I had quite a bit of rub off and spilt render etc blowing around me all day getting in my eyes and obviously being breathed in, as many of us do I just got on with it. Finished the job, had no feelings of...
  14. J

    machine doesn't start back up when i turn air on?

    Just bought a Utiform Quattro (the one advertised on here not long ago) it seems ok but when you turn the gun off via the air, the machine stops as it should but when you turn it back on you have to press the power button on the machine. Its not a major issue but I seems to me that it must be...
  15. J

    15 KVA 3 phase genny hire in north west?

    does anyone know of anywhere that has 15 kva 3 phase gennys for hire in the north west? preferably barrow mounted I've got T/P looking for one for me but not much luck so far.
  16. J

    Ritmo M for sale

    just chucked this on the end of someone else thread before thinking it would probably be best to start a thread of my own so sorry if you've read this twice...
  17. J

    k Rend Dash receiver

    Been Asked to do a pebble dashing job for the first time in donky's years, i've always done them in sand and cement in the past but i was gonna use K-Rend dash receiver on this one, except no one has got any in stock and the lead time is quite long. so....i thought i'd ask what might be a silly...
  18. J

    Plastering & rendering apprentice wanted wigan

    Must have CSCS card, a good opportunity to learn every aspect of the trade from internal plastering to external rendering including machine application. We can handle college enrollment for you if needed. This position will lead to recognised NVQ qualification Must be reliable and live...
  19. J

    Webber Chalk and Ritmo

    I've got a job next week using webber chalk, never used it before and i've read a couple of threads on here about people having problems with it with the ritmo. Just interested to know what peoples experiences are of using chalk with the ritmo, does it use more water than other mono's? does it...