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    Eze spat when to use

    When's best to flatten first coat of multi with putz eze spat. Soon as all applied or wait to pull in a while? Thanks in advance
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    Is it worth going alone?

    Looking for input, been plastering for 5 years, currently get 110 a day n van from employer, would I be much better off alone? Get private work but not enough to cover weeks. Only thing stopping me is not getting work and the fear of the unknown
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    Waterproof sheets

    Hello all ,great forum, does anyone know where I can buy waterproof sheets from not the poly backed cotton ones.?
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    Is a key (devil float) definetly needed for skimming over s & c with waterproofer in. Cheers
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    Fresh gear

    Love skimming with fresh gear but looking for ways to speed up the process in winter months .
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    Achieving a solid colour when dry

    Although my finish is flat with no hollows and look great painted why is it when it's dried out i see trowel marks everywhere. Although it looks rough it's as smooth as a baby's bum. Thoughts please