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    what beading to use

    No mikkie50.render stop bead.bellcast got slightly different profile than stop bead
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    what beading to use

    13mm render stop bead.and sand and cement rather than bonding.
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    Decreasing skirting board gap

    Sand and cement. Take it down to the floor when applying it. Then rule it off level with existing .then cut the bottom 50mm off back to brick. When it's pulled in.then skim.
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    Patching up after rewire.

    Use sand and cement if walls are not cavity. Bonding better than hardwall as it will stick to the capping better..and tends not to shrink as much.
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    K Rend Price: Cowboy Builder

    Supply and fit should be somewhere in the region of £50/£70.per metre.find out where he lives.and get the money back.
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    Sand cement

    Multifinnish on sand cement. Board finish only on board. Damp. Down the s/c first if it's been on a while or just give it couple of coats of water down pva.
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    Long hall/stair runs

    Get some plasters extra time. Put that in the mix.1 sachet per bag.will slow set right down.
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    Feb blue grit not bonding properly

    Your should use sbr on shiney surfaces first then blue grit when sbr is dry.says it on the tube.
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    She’s soaking wet still

    Should have put some cement in it.