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  1. puddove

    Price increase on multifinish & boards!!!

    How much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fooking hell
  2. puddove

    Plaster moulding rebuild

    cut existing cornice square, offer up a piece of card and draw round cornice from drawn template construct a direct mould, run down on the bench with a backboard at 90 degrees to imitate the ceiling and wall angle. you can core out with damp sand to reduce weight. (this is a easier than...
  3. puddove

    Mental Health

    yeah plasterers, and plastering tutors :inocente::inocente: not to mention owls and blades fans
  4. puddove

    Mental Health

    Over the years i've work with numerous guys with different varying degrees of mental health issues, some unable to deal with day to day stresses, marriage, finance, employment, some have had issues brought on by drugs and the demon drink addictions. some see it as a weakness, some see it as...
  5. puddove

    Hi all

    hello R are you related to Oliver :inocente: like a few on here started plastering in 1981 - I'm slowly improving with Age (y)
  6. puddove


    not being nasty John ------ bit of banter all the best for the new year(y)
  7. puddove


    not stuffing your face with burgers will also help you to loose your love handles:inocente:;)
  8. puddove

    Tendon in trowel arm pain cure

    nah vincey :LOL::inocente:
  9. puddove

    Tendon in trowel arm pain cure

    concentrate on the cause not the cure ---------------stop masturbating :inocente:
  10. puddove

    Stolen dewalt mixer

    never said you did ----- you still keeping busy John in the world of plastering
  11. puddove

    Stolen dewalt mixer

    keeping a low profile john - thought you were stalking me :LOL: i heard there were some dodgy people from your neck of the woods :inocente:
  12. puddove

    Stolen dewalt mixer

    o dear :inocente:
  13. puddove

    Working poor!

    sounds like old age is catching you up:inocente: as for the haircut just shave it all off and pretend yr bald
  14. puddove

    Working poor!

    no taking it easy - like I've done for the last few months - as a prelude to retirement ( if only ):reloco:
  15. puddove

    Working poor!

    its classed as water sport / golden shower so i heard :inocente:
  16. puddove


    i heard oli wants to join - :inocente::inocente: but hes a bit shy
  17. puddove


    you be careful with the cranking at your age, no wonder its tough on your calves, yep always smiling, you've got to do in the present climate- - sometimes through gritted teeth, tho:LOL:
  18. puddove


    hi oli - I,m doing fine considering -i,m still living the dream :inocente: hows you ----- read your earlier input about you still cranking :reloco: are you still keeping busy - plastering not cranking
  19. puddove


    welcome to the mad house :rock:
  20. puddove


    to be honest do n't think there is to many Asians in Thurscoe its far to rough, and they do n't understand the lingo :inocente:
  21. puddove

    Dewalt Toolstak/Toughsystem

    that looks the dog b*ll***s neat & tidy,
  22. puddove


    i have n't heard anything, or seen owt , perhaps its because i do n't live in Thurnscoe :inocente:
  23. puddove

    Material price increases

    sounds like a bromance is on or is John j jumping the gun :inocente: i thought zombie was a tarn lad ?
  24. puddove

    Render over a concrete shed

    i sure John j would do it at half the price :inocente::inocente:
  25. puddove


    are they strong enough for bondage :inocente:
  26. puddove


    there is a knack to it , did loads of council houses and pit houses back in the day. if done right its one of the better finishes - it depends if the customer wants a heavy texture or light texture
  27. puddove

    Plastering safety

    could have been worse Danny you could have been picking up yr new glass eye for Christmas
  28. puddove

    Plastering safety

    o dear hope you make a speedy recovery - however you should be leading by example Danny :inocente::inocente: especially as its your forum
  29. puddove

    DIY SOS Children in Need Plasterers wanted

    in what way - to many selfies :inocente::inocente: or porn pictures
  30. puddove

    How gutted ?!

    does that double up for your safe combination as well :inocente:
  31. puddove

    How gutted ?!

    its only what I have read John- :inocente: think it was zombie :LOL: and a few more
  32. puddove

    How gutted ?!

    dream on john - :inocente: not from the gossip on here - slow and rough :reloco:
  33. puddove

    Tyzac trowels

    opposite side to the right :reloco:
  34. puddove

    Good plasterer in or around Rotherham

    wow -------- :reloco:
  35. puddove

    Good plasterer in or around Rotherham

    o dear, glad you did,nt mention Barnsley @ zombie would have your knackers nailed on a post:inocente::LOL:
  36. puddove

    Anyone used

    could be an age thing zombie :inocente: :LOL:
  37. puddove


    even your xmas turkey, Jess:inocente:
  38. puddove

    Future Energy...

    thermals and 2 jumpers:inocente:
  39. puddove

    Loft Conversion with Eco-Trus

    Danny what you done with the emojis - ?
  40. puddove

    ffs on a price

    a nice little number for a proper plasterer with time for a sit down lol
  41. puddove

    Help needed

    Man hole -:inocente::inocente: @ john
  42. puddove

    Tyrolene vertical crack repair

    its not the cracks, i would be more concerned over the bloody big arrows somebody has painted on:inocente::inocente::reloco:
  43. puddove

    Need tips on plastering interview

    you didn't mention what type of interview - are you preparing for a company to work as a plasterer or is it an interview for a teaching post at a college either - research if needed and keep notes to prompt you, if you don't you might get sidetracked, and talk b*ll***s, trying to bluff on an...
  44. puddove

    on holiday in york

    you must have been living like a lord and tipping every round :inocente:
  45. puddove

    Another one by the sea.

    you're improving with age tony - its a credit to you, however you've missed a screw/fixing behind one of the cables (first photo) :inocente::inocente: ;)
  46. puddove

    Cheap Mixer

    bloody hell Andy its the same fish - photo taken from a different angle:inocente::inocente: you cant fool us from gods county
  47. puddove

    I cant plaster anymore!

    :inocente: old age setting zombie ----- or did you ever have the knack ???:LOL:
  48. puddove

    Self employment, is it really worth it?

    @Vincey are you trying to tell us something, you seem to know the attendant rather well to discuss his finances :inocente:
  49. puddove

    2 Stone heavier plus an aching back

    fecking hell Danny you've doubled in weight since i saw you on the gypsum mine trip :inocente::inocente: