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  1. Steve Brown

    The tain is relentless

    I agree that they won’t go back down to what they were but do think the merchants totally took the piss and hiked the too high and it’s starting to bite them in the arse now. Will get worse next year when the pinch starts to filter people’s finances down.
  2. Steve Brown

    The tain is relentless

    Said the same to my neighbour over road that he’d be better off starting work late spring next year as weather better and price of materials have a better chance of coming down. He never listened and when roof was stripped off it pissed down for three days. IMPATIENCE is the word your looking for.
  3. Steve Brown

    Right up your alley

    Two of my pet hates, ladders and trestles. Hop-ups, stilts and if you need the extra height scaffold tower.
  4. Steve Brown

    Can see plasterboard joints

    No way that was done by a competent plasterer. If the same person boarded it then that’s probably the reason it’s hairline cracking, could be a number of reasons incorrectly bonded/tacked etc.
  5. Steve Brown


    Never bothered with Halloween when I was a kid but did penny for the Guy. Used to love bonfire night!
  6. Steve Brown

    Views on different sized trowels

    Started with a 13” then played around with a few sizes then settled for 14” for a good few years. Now full circle and back on a 13” won’t change again now.
  7. Steve Brown


    I thought exactly the same, don’t let them work on a job together f**k all will get done.
  8. Steve Brown

    Job Cancellations

    He doesn’t know what a dropper post is, he’s back in the 90’s bike tech. No offence Caster but anyone that fits a pump to their frame isn’t a real MTBer.
  9. Steve Brown


    Or a f**k**g plumber
  10. Steve Brown


    I had the same yesterday on a boarded ceiling two coats fresh second mix. Wouldn’t have said it felt greasy but tore in quite a few places, I had to use plenty of water to get a finish (I prefer to use as little as possible) and found that it set a lot quicker than normal (not that that’s a bad...
  11. Steve Brown

    Work liFe balAnce

    Work to live not live to work!
  12. Steve Brown


    What about the Welshman?
  13. Steve Brown

    Tc15 water or no water ??

    I’ve only used TC15 a few times and I added a small amount of water (150 ml approx) because of the same thing and it’s been fine.
  14. Steve Brown

    What is this?

    I think it looks like a tyrolean that’s been painted. The tyrolean most probably was applied to cover a multitude of sins on the original render that was applied to cover dusty blown brickwork. That worked for a while until areas started failing due to the original render and the fact that it...
  15. Steve Brown

    Job Cancellations

    Not be for long when you’ve got to charge it up with new electric bills
  16. Steve Brown

    Fast set/bonding

    No that’s the Scottish in general
  17. Steve Brown


    Good luck but I prefer a clove hitch.
  18. Steve Brown


    Best advice is get a recommended plasterer from your local area, don’t do this yourself you’ll balls it up!!! The first thing everyone sees is the exterior of your home don’t scrimp on the render. If you’re budget is tight don’t bother doing it yet save up for a later date, that brickwork’s not...
  19. Steve Brown

    Absolutely devastated

    Had me puzzled for a while…. I think John was trying to explain that he broke is trowel by removing tiles the tiler f**k*d up on. That’s my interpretation but could be wrong?
  20. Steve Brown

    Skimming gone wrong! Any clues why?

    Please don’t take offence but I think you’ve done it yourself and that’s why it’s shite! Any competent plasterer wouldn’t have plastered over wet blue grit and would’ve put a heater on.
  21. Steve Brown


    Closer fight than the first but right man won again. Anthony made a bell end of himself at the end!!
  22. Steve Brown

    Dot & dab solid bands

    I always do continuous band around perimeters, soffits, electrical points etc. Best practice to also place solid bands to reveals, rads and anything else that’s going to be fixed to the wall. lots of plumbers and kitchen fitters are wank and end up blaming the plasterer for their sort comings...
  23. Steve Brown

    Unusual chimney breast opening

    This is got to be a bite!!
  24. Steve Brown

    Whats in the box

    Lots of hair dye!
  25. Steve Brown

    Over mixing

    Only mix it to a smooth consistency that’s it!! No need to keep mixing get it on the wall or ceiling. If you mix it again once it’s been mixed it will weaken the strength/ bond of the plaster.
  26. Steve Brown

    What has happened here and can I fix it?

    Mixture of poor beading, thin finish (one coat) and the weight of that planter won’t be doing it any favours if there’s nothing for the fixings but plasterboard.
  27. Steve Brown

    Anyone seen this before? Weird.

    There’s a house near me that I walk past with the dog and have seen this on the gable. I thought it was because the overall thickness looked little over 10mm but now you mention the blocks I’ve seen bits of glass and other shite mixed in the blocks in Travis. I don’t do a lot of render but when...
  28. Steve Brown

    Render streaks

    As above but you can get a specific algee cleaning agent, dilute as specified then with a soft brush apply to stained areas the leave for a few days the rinse off “don’t use a jet wash” your render will not have fully cured yet. All above is pointless until you’ve got enough overhang on your...
  29. Steve Brown

    Anyone seen this before? Weird.

    Looks like a Handboard a hawk as a beak and feathers.
  30. Steve Brown

    Old board finish

    I’ve mistakenly plastered with finish that was near a year out of date (builder dropped a bag out of the lockup off with new gear) and it smelt unusual and was chewy to trowel on so I flattened it and second coated with fresh gear, It finished fine. I’d swerve the finish but just PVA the boards...
  31. Steve Brown

    What are you lot up to today?

    Double sound boarding ceilings today, was fitting acoustic insulation and counter battening with resilient bars yesterday (emotional in that heat).
  32. Steve Brown

    What to put over type 2 outside

    I’d shutter the perimeter and top it with concrete a minimum of 4” or 100mm thick. Ratio 3 gravel : 2 sharp sand : 1 cement. Don’t bother with the waterproofer but you could lay a visqueen down if you the slab internal.
  33. Steve Brown

    Archway prepped for plaster, but I didn’t use corner bead.

    I’ve used metal thin coat stop beads for a shallow arch so long as you get a good fixing! but prefer the plastic ones. If it’s a reskim and the arch is in good nick I’ve also used the external corner trowel near the end of the set.
  34. Steve Brown


    If I was looking at that job I’d of said I’d forgot something in the van then drove off.
  35. Steve Brown

    Vapour barrier

    Yes but I wouldn’t of fixed the battens to the brickwork (would have at least a 50mm cavity between studwork and external brickwork)
  36. Steve Brown

    Thoughts on this?

    Wank idea just like your tape.
  37. Steve Brown

    simple invoicing for plasterers

    Letter head on A4 paper, second class stamp (first if your flush or want to impress)
  38. Steve Brown

    Please help-hole in new render!

    You’ll be better off buying an external cable cover and sticking it on with CT1. Comma companies use them sometimes but use silicone and they end up falling off so use CT1
  39. Steve Brown

    Please help-hole in new render!

    All telecommunication companies are the same I had to have a new phone line fitted and asked the lad to drill from the outside- in (made sure there were no obstructions and it was were I wanted it inside). He refused said it was against company policy, I explained that I was a plasterer and...
  40. Steve Brown

    Please help

    That’s shocking your best to cut your losses. What area are you from there will be someone on here that can help you.
  41. Steve Brown

    Please help

    Agree with John paint bubbles, it’s a pain in the arse when it happens. Get the plasterer back and if he’s decent he’ll reskim that wall (easy fix). That’s when blue grit etc is worth the extra time.
  42. Steve Brown

    Can I PVA this yet?

    Agree, sounds a mare for the lack of materials. I’d of done what the local’s do knock it off S&C scratch let it cure then floating coat with a sponge finish. The paint it up after a few weeks.
  43. Steve Brown

    Drywalling without dot n dab

    Different manufacturers have different specs as well as different area/council building inspectors. Essentially it’s in case of a fire and insulation losses it’s bond due to heat the secondary fix holds it in place (that’s the theory). The fixings they have used look to be external plastic ones...
  44. Steve Brown

    Drywalling without dot n dab

    Definitely need removing then as elite exteriors said dot and dabbed then secondary fixed. If they don’t do this then the boards will move and you’ll get cracks on your walls later down the line.
  45. Steve Brown

    Drywalling without dot n dab

    Your plasterer is not a plasterer he’s a chancer.
  46. Steve Brown

    Mental health and depression

    He needs a purpose that’s the main problem with all this mental health business at present. f**k the social media shite off and get out for a walk in a rural environment. I love the simple things now wildlife, sun on on my back, fresh air and it costs bugger all.
  47. Steve Brown

    Log burner question

    I’ve never spent a penny on on wood that I burn, Geordies are tighter than Yorkshire folk.
  48. Steve Brown

    Log burner question

    I started off with just seasoned timber, now I burn anything so long as it’s dry wood with no paint on. Smokeless coal also if I haven’t got a lot of wood left.
  49. Steve Brown

    Log burner question

    I used to get a chimney sweep for the first couple of years £50 a sweep then thought b*ll***s bought a kit online for about £60 do mine then my dad’s I just use a cordless drill. But it’s worth buying the cover for the door saves a lot of mess. Not rocket science.