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  1. Fatarm

    He's coming for us. Surprise surprise :rolleyes:
  2. Fatarm

    New drill/driver.

    Needing a new one, what you got? Reccomend?
  3. Fatarm

    Bg certified site ready skimming course . Debate.discuss Your unwelcome.. :frenetico:
  4. Fatarm

    Its time danny?

    Time for an election, Needing some new moderators, There is none left? What's your nominations chaps? :confused::confused:
  5. Fatarm

    World cup.

    Who's gonna win it???......@algeeman We should have done a sweep
  6. Fatarm

    Liverpool keeper?

    Did he have a bet on!?.. A dose of the Grobbelaars
  7. Fatarm

    Joiners who cant read!

  8. Fatarm

    Any ideas ?

    What's caused this?was working in this estate doing some internal work..and seen this on most of the houses, the customer was telling me the NHBC? Are involved now
  9. Fatarm

    Now that's magic

    .. Magic don't come cheap.
  10. Fatarm


    Twice this week,two different people asking if I could come and price for plastering ceilings because the other guy they phoned doesn't do ceilings?? One asked if I would do the ceilings and the other plasterer will do the walls???:wtf:.....
  11. Fatarm

    Gone to far! @gps.... Put a word in for us ffs:(
  12. Fatarm

    London tower block fire Bloody tragic! did it burn so quick and so ferocious? :(
  13. Fatarm

    Steering wheel clamps.

    Anyone got one?.. Any advice reviews. Need to make it harder for the these cuntts to take yer wheels.:boxeador:... Bastardds
  14. Fatarm


    Know what this is?.. .. Looks like wires imbeded in the plaster?...
  15. Fatarm

    The fighting Irish. Wtf is going on here...@theclemo
  16. Fatarm


    Great tool. carved out the pumkins with the bairn.
  17. Fatarm

    one bag room.

    .... ...(y)....
  18. Fatarm

    mortar pointing gun.

    PointMaster | Mortar Pointing Gun and Grouting tool for Regular Pointing Mortar..... anyone used one?... Or any other kind for that matter?.got a shiit load of pointing to do:-( cheers.
  19. Fatarm

    G** secction..2 lets try again!

    After popular demand! (Mostly from arty).. if its a tad G** or big bit G**...this is where to post it....don't be shy girls. if its not clay its G**. . . .its fecckin dead here anyway....good garden section. tho check out the garden. no doubt some cock. will turn up and close it again...
  20. Fatarm

    G** section.!

    After popular demand! (Mostly from arty).. if its a tad G** or big bit G**...this is where to post it....don't be shy girls.:RpS_laugh: if its not clay its G**. . . .its fecckin dead here anyway....good garden section. tho:rolleyes)check out the garden :RpS_thumbup:
  21. Fatarm

    another one goes!!!

    Mancini has gone from man city!! Wonder how much his pay off was?? Bet he won't be down the dole Office tomorrow ..:rolleyes)
  22. Fatarm

    Soon be that time of year

    No not Santa time!! More importantly, don't leave your pva,sbr,freeflo etc in the van,or the freezing temp will kill it. Lost 2 tubs pva a couple of years ago!!!! Once they had thawed out it was like a kinda lumpy gel!!! In the skip they went:RpS_crying:so be warned and don't be a dumb ass like...
  23. Fatarm

    just a small crack to fix

    Its just a crack??scrim. and skim?? ...,..... ....... ......???????????
  24. Fatarm

    Weather in a bottle?

    Anyone seen it,, or used it??? FAQs - Liquid Weather
  25. Fatarm

    All the best danny

    All the best Danny and good luck you and your good lady Jane. Don't really know what kind of forum will be left when You come back! But we'll try an keep it together lol keep chin up and as warrior says KTF
  26. Fatarm

    Spot On Render!

    Wot do u think of my rendering then???!!! Easiest 50quid I've ever made!!!!!!!:RpS_thumbsup:
  27. Fatarm

    New start!!!

    We've Got a new boy starting on Monday, 16-17 yr old, obviously he'll be a bit green and naive,so lookin for some ideas to give him a warm welcome, ie bubble for spirit level, left hand screwdriver etc. These examples are a bit out dated I know, feck sake I fell for them when I was the boy,so...
  28. Fatarm

    Over polishing? Yes or no?

    Job I am on just now for past 2 weeks is a conversion of an old town house type of building gettin converted into flats,good enough job majority of it is skimmin plasterboard, some patching etc, anyway the wee guy who is runnin the job,thinks hes a site agent who knows everything about nothin...
  29. Fatarm

    Squeaky bum time?

    Man u or man city, who'll be top of the pile at the end of the season????????????:confused:
  30. Fatarm

    Suction control

    Just been to quote for a job,90year old building,Walls are extremely dry,old lime-sand plaster.Walls are very sound for age .reskimming existing Walls and ceilins previous experienced this type of job in the past and had some nasty problems with suction, dryin out to quick."as dry as a nuns...