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  1. scottie5

    Speedskim storage

    @charleydavies. Something like this mate will fit the full set of speedies in.
  2. scottie5

    Domestic violence.

    I came close today it was nearly a case of him or me. I was nearly topping myself by 9am. So Domestic stuff i think the problem is the work is ok-ish I think it's just people, I don't think i likes em. Theres not enough money in the world would make me tolerate joe public 5 days a week id be on...
  3. scottie5

    Hop ups

    I know theres a few on here who like a bargin. These Hop ups are cheap as chips and a decent length too at a 1000mm long.
  4. scottie5

    Thats a new one.

    That's novel all ground floor ceilings tacked with 15mm sound blocs:frenetico: 45+kg a board f#!k that.
  5. scottie5

    This time next year...

    Nice little sideline. They say the best ideas are often the simplest, so with the Barbeque weather well on the way and with a steady supply of free drums from borat at the carwash and as much free mesh as i can cut from the harris fencing off of site what could possibly go wrong. amazed on...
  6. scottie5

    Near miss.

    There's nothing like a tyre blowing when your torching it along the dual carriageway to liven the day up a bit. :frenetico: Got the old heart racing a bit. :eek:. The fella at quick fit reckons he can't fix the puncture either :(.
  7. scottie5

    Makes a refreshing change.

    Sometimes it's all about the little victories (y).
  8. scottie5

    A great philosopher once wrote...

    :muyenojado:. But I'm wondering whether. "Measure once cut it properly the first time", might work just as well.
  9. scottie5

    Glove recomendations.

    These new gloves are bloody great, i found them hidden In our lasses knicker drawer. They are very grippy even when sopping wet and they even have special tips on the fingers I assuming thats for getting into all the nooks and fannies when washing out. (y)
  10. scottie5

    The sh!t you see on F/book.

    Saw this earlier, i dont know whose responsible... Sometimes it's just hard to find the words... oh Hang I've found some, "what the fcuk has that come as"?. It looks like a cross between a Ten Bob Bit. And a Flat Tyre. (y)
  11. scottie5

    Man Down.

    Lost a member of the team today. Gutted :(. it was well cared for too i was just giving Scoop Dog a gentle wash with the estwing when disaster struck. must of been metal fatigue.:crying:
  12. scottie5

    Christmas bonus.

    Sorry there's none left for you. :envidioso
  13. scottie5

    Uni finish mk2

    :mad:. ;).
  14. scottie5

    The champions guide to uni finish.

    There's a few who seem to struggle getting this exotic material to adhere to the substrate. So here's a top tip from a non Bg certified chancer. If you invert your scrim ie put it on upside down it gives the uni something to stick to(y) hey presto no more sweeping It in to a bin bag in the...
  15. scottie5

    All electric pump.

    That looks like a very clever bit of kit an all electric screed pump.:eek: Diesels are on the way out then. I wonder what kva genny you'd be needing to run that beast. o_O
  16. scottie5

    Organization is half the battle.

    My philosophy has always been a place for everything and everything in its place. Hate scruffy cnuts with messy vans..(y) :(
  17. scottie5

    @Zolco to the rescue.

    Big thanks to @zolco for braving the horrific drive up to the north Norfolk coast this week to give me a hand on a couple of projects. Had a productive week a few beers and a bit of a laugh. hes a Decent spread and all round nice fella who didn't even get the hump at me for booking digs as far...
  18. scottie5

    Mayweather 50-0.

    :cachetada: I should imagine it"ll be going something like this. :boxeador:
  19. scottie5


    @TonyM have a good birthday Mr M.
  20. scottie5

    lethal jab

    so who would your money be on?. :rolleyes:.
  21. scottie5


    just spotted this fella in mays professional builder mag (its for professionals @theclemo shall i pick a copy up for you?).;) He seems vaugly familiar(y). fair play @flynnyman (y). that puts my cowboy builders appearance In the shade.
  22. scottie5

    marshalltown tape gun.

    I think the marshalltown tape applicator gun is a marvellous bit of kit. saves a fair bit of time especially in the internals in my opinion.
  23. scottie5

    Site lights.

    If anyone's after site lights check the link below for mad4tools sale that's a proper cheap price for the apollos.
  24. scottie5

    That settles that then.

    (y) just saying like ;).
  25. scottie5


    I'm running out of room for trowels need a new bucket any recomendations? .
  26. scottie5

    flawless inspection.

    it detects surface flaws (y). it's probably defective i can't see a thing. :vomito::vomito::vomito:
  27. scottie5

    memory lane.

    This just sent a shiver down my spine, stuff of nightmares. those bags were bigger than most apprentices. i must of knocked 1000's of those bstards up in a bath with a drag for my old fella, before new child slavery laws forced a reduction to the size of them bags.
  28. scottie5

    Tackin time saver

    Boom, that'll save hours not faffing about with screws. (y).
  29. scottie5

    no more wet hands.

    dry hands for me today :). I've just found a pair of our lasses marigolds hidden under the bed(y).
  30. scottie5


    think i need some more buckets any recommendations keith?. @theclemo.
  31. scottie5

    rip plasterman

    where's petey plasterman gone ? . I hope he's ok :(. whose this mysterious @Vincey character. o_O
  32. scottie5

    festool lights

    this festool adverts comedy gold the lazy tw@t of a painter rocks up while dinner time then sits on his arse reading the paper and drinking brews (any normal painter would be having a tin of tennants lunatic soup). when all the grafters have fcuked off home laughing there cocks off at the lazy...
  33. scottie5

    job opportunities

    i reckon there's going to be a few brickies and some shuttering carpenters needed soon for a bit of a wall job down in the Texas area of the good old US of A. Mexicans and canadians probably need not bothering to apply.
  34. scottie5

    Makita jigsaw.

    Finished it (y).
  35. scottie5

    keep warm this winter.

    little tip on keeping warm this winter, especially handy for the site lads. if you find your in need of a bit of a warm go find a corner and stand there for a while it'll usually about 90 degress there (y).
  36. scottie5

    the new No Hoodies up rule.

    bloody hell heard it all now, on a job and they've banned people from putting hoodie hoods up either under a hard hat or over the top of it. don't matter to me I work inside plus I'm not a chav so I don't wear one, just seems a bit bollox for the poor cnuts outside all wet and cold :(.
  37. scottie5

    stilt loonies part2

    that's insane.
  38. scottie5

    rate increase.

    I've just asked the firm I sub to for a bloody decent pay rise. "I'm not being big headed, but I've 3 different firm's after me" I said. governors asked me "which 3"?. "gas, water and electric" I mumbled.
  39. scottie5

    rate increase.

    I've just asked the firm I sub to for a bloody decent pay rise. "I'm not being big headed, but I've 3 different firm's after me" I said. governors asked me "which 3"?. "gas, water and electric" I mumbled.
  40. scottie5

    One for new apprentices.

    You may find this useful.
  41. scottie5

    Tpf euro2016 sun dreamteam

    Ive set a sun dreamteam mini league up for the Euros, if anyone's interested?. I was thinking a £10 per team entry fee (to be paid by PayPal before Thursday night , pm me for PayPal account details) once paid ill give out the league pin number). Cash prizes for the top 3 or winner takes all...
  42. scottie5

    Death of a true legend.

  43. scottie5

    Hop ups

    And to think our health and safety executive think milk crates are unsafe.
  44. scottie5

    Water shortage.

    2 weeks of that shite, I wouldn't even put a milk bottle out in it:(. That would be properly depressing if I wasnt inside all dry and toastie warm.
  45. scottie5

    What sort of monster...

    Would do something like this. ;).
  46. scottie5

    Fcuklift drivers

    Where do you want that pallet of finish?. Just drop it near plot 8 please. well that was a poor choice of words :mad::mad:.
  47. scottie5

    YouTube celebrities slated.

    as they say celebrity is as celebrity does. youtube Instructional videos make stars out of normal everyday folk but some of the critics comments seem almost harsh. Fame is a fickle mistress it seems. "He hasn't even slept with a plasterer" :rayos: Ouch that's harsh. ten bags "it looks...
  48. scottie5

    Shafted by a plumber.

    The plumbers have made a cupboard cage for me to keep tommy in tomorrow which is nice (y) You know At least one of those will be penetrating :bananas: :sorprendido3: him at some stage :LOL:.
  49. scottie5

    Tyzack centenary.

    Having a sort out at the weekend came across this little beauty. Its been missing presumed dead for years. Never been used just needs a little tlc. still straighter then anything made by M/t though.
  50. scottie5

    Very funny Vauxhall.

    Who said these fcukers don't have a sense of humour. At the precise moment the braking fault warning light came on and i lost the brakes on that bag'o'shite vivaro, the stop warning light also came on . thats genius I'd like to stop but err.... Bastards..