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  1. Cockney1

    Size of sets

    Least amount of meterage for the most amount of cash is the way forward.
  2. Cockney1

    Don't ye hate it when

    Thanks for sharing, one pics enough next time!
  3. Cockney1

    skimmers asap

  4. Cockney1


  5. Cockney1


    When’s the Scotland game and who are they playing mate?
  6. Cockney1

    Floor grinding woes

    Here’s some Tea time reading for you @John j
  7. Cockney1

    Welder for beginner

    @John j break time read for you mate!
  8. Cockney1

    Charge roughcasting?

    You need to download a different weather app mate.
  9. Cockney1

    Charge roughcasting?

    Charge whatever you want. Price high, know your worth!
  10. Cockney1

    PVA is king

  11. Cockney1

    Polished Concrete

    @Americanflytrip @yankiedoodledandy
  12. Cockney1

    Whats the difference

    Stainless or Carbon, what’s your preference?
  13. Cockney1

    Orange staining and plaster taking a long time to go off - limelite skim

    Red brick. Goodbye! That’s all you’re getting for free.
  14. Cockney1

    The new faster plaster

    Better looking than your old hag! Lol
  15. Cockney1

    Floor Tile Removal

    Stick of dynamite.
  16. Cockney1

    Bostik green grit.

    Ffs............ how bigs the cup?
  17. Cockney1


    Filthy peasant! Do you hate your family that much?
  18. Cockney1

    Can see plasterboard joints

    Who done the boarding?
  19. Cockney1

    Looking for labouring work MANCHESTER

    Sell yourself a bit more, you never know one of the miserable bastards might even give you some graft!
  20. Cockney1

    Plaster coming off from ceiling

    Get a quote from a local, recommended, well established plasterer.
  21. Cockney1

    Opinion please

    That job is pure shite! The edge lines you mention look like indentations from a twitcher to me.
  22. Cockney1


    It’s what you do to little bitches like you that ain’t real men. Here take a closer look!
  23. Cockney1


    :oops: :sick:
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  25. Cockney1


    What a horrible prick! He definitely deserved a big dry slap for that!!
  26. Cockney1

    Here we go ….

    Them beads have been on Casper’s roof rack for the last 18 months.
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    No worries, You’re welcome! Subscription money is due on the last day of every month. (y) PM me for further details.
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    Best knife ever made! I must have had mine 25yrs at least.
  29. Cockney1

    Advice please

  30. Cockney1

    Motivated Monday

    Grave digging slag needs a dry slap!
  31. Cockney1

    Johnny whonny!

  32. Cockney1

    Johnny whonny!

    Get to bed.
  33. Cockney1

    Johnny whonny!

    Exactly that, I swear the ref was a Man U fan as well.
  34. Cockney1

    Plastering up to existing plaster???

    That “Skim” looks about 15mm thick! :ROFLMAO:
  35. Cockney1

    Johnny whonny!

    We lost 1-0 but they were proper lucky at the end. Deserved a draw at least mate.
  36. Cockney1

    good morning