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    25mm hose needed

    Anyone know where I can get a 25mm hose for a uttiform v2?preferably in northern Ireland but I don't mind where it's coming from as long as its a decent price. Thanks all
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    kilsaren mono

    Has anyone ever used mono from kilsaren? they are a company based in the Republic of Ireland and they are very keenly priced on mono. I Have 1100m2 to do on a job in the next few weeks, I was looking at k1 but really been put off by all the bad reports of cracking. Any thoughts???
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    cpi or a good alternative?

    Anyone know where I could get cpi in the north west? Or even a good alternative. If so any idea of a price?
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    utiform v2 spraying site mix sand cement

    hi guys any one there have any experence with the utiform v2? ime pretty sure they are very good at spraying site mix sand and cement but looking some confirmation before i buy. a friend of a friend has told me he uses his putzmeister sp11 for nothing else, with no fancy mixes just plane...
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    the best machine for site mix and k-rend?

    Is there a diesel machine out there that will spray site mix and a k-rend type monocouche? I have been looking at machines now for a year and it seems the more I look the more lost ime getting. Help!