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    Render Repair

    Need some advice. I rendered some garden walls other day, which got damaged after it got sponged by another trade. (Hose got dragged across it.) Before I could come back, the customer has painted all the walls, Including the damaged area, which unsurprisingly she wants repairing. It's a...
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    K Rend Qs.

    Hi Guys, Being totally transparent, I'm a time served plasterer, mostly interior, all rendering o have ever done is S&C. The truth being I try and avoid it. (Prefer skimming) That aside, a friend has asked me to do some rendering, (k rend) basically small decorative garden walls, step risers...
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    103 vs 90 degree

    Hi Chaps Just wondering, I'm in the market for a new corner trowel, I have a MS 90, had it's since I started, and I haven't given it much thought since then. However looking around, I'm torn between the MS, Ragni, and the new Nela. I was automatically going to get another 90, and that be the...