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    lottery winner

    If I won the lotto id take a sledge hammer and smash every plastering tool I have.... Then go and buy all brand new ones from my winnings[emoji1]
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    What's it all about

    Looks like a great buy! I wonder do they use the building trowel they have on the cover of the DVD [emoji85]
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    Yea what he really ment was if you do this job for nothing I have loads of work you can do for nothing! Dick!
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    anyone known it to rain so much

    We are using ultra finish on to sand and cement that was put on before Christmas. It is ment to be short set but is just sitting for an age!
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    Today was one of those days[emoji15]
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    YIPPEE,back to work 2016

    Looking forward to getting back into routine! Tho I hate the thought of the alarm in the morn! Come 10am on the job it will be like we were never away from it.
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    Happy New Year

    Happy new year to all. Hope it's a busy one[emoji106]
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    Vitcas heat plaster

    Has anyone ever had skim come off around a stove because of the heat? I know it's always said it will blow the skim but I've personally never heard of it happening or seen it so just curious to hear from others.
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    Tax returns

    That's the problem there isn't enough reward in working hard when you can do well not working. I would hate to see people struggle but the way it is at the minute the working man is not much better of than the man that can play the system. Plus the people that aren't fit to work don't get much...
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    Neck pain

    I'm 32 and had pains from the plastering for the first time this year. A few of the lads I work with that are 40+ are killed with back and shoulder pain. It is a seriously tough job on the body! Then you have some people saying plasterers were charging too much money at one time! I think any...
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    north,south,east,west and in between!

    I think it will be up to £4.50 again. The firm we are with are happy enough to pay £3.50 at the minute so they must be getting better rates than a year ago. It's supply and demand and if the demand keeps going up so will the prices. I don't think you could get paid to much for this game!!
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    north,south,east,west and in between!

    Busy year for us. £3.50 m2 skim only in Belfast. The worst it ever was, was £2.50 so good to see it up. Still a good bit off the £4.50 it was 8 years ago tho!!
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    Shortage of Plasterers.

    Things are getting better here for sure. Work and rates are on the rise. It's well due!
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    Sika waterproof

    This would be my choice also. SBR is a good product but but needs to used correctly at least with the rendaid it is more straight forward.
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    Site Plasterers required for contracts in North West and nationwide

    So if someone was offering skimming at £1 m2 you think no-one should say anything?
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    Plasterers needed sheffield

    It's always good to see work advertised but not at such a poor rate. If you are that busy you have to sub the work out then you should be pricing it higher. Why people price at a poor rare when they are busy is beyond me........busy fools!
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    S&c 5-1-1 mix cracking

    Yes we had this before with the sand not being washed well enough, a very dark brown sand to much clay in it. Very frustrating!
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    K rend scratchback

    Did some a few weeks back had it on at 12 noon and it scraped about 5pm. It was about 18'C. Definitely don't leave to the next day!
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    S&c 5-1-1 mix cracking

    The sun and heat even in Ireland can cause cracking. Maybe try it without the lime at 4.5 to 1. I think the lime makes it set too quick this time of year.
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    In situ cornice with bonding & multi?

    Yes if you are working on the bonding the same day It should be no problem.
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    In situ cornice with bonding & multi?

    Yea that's a good idea on the screed rail but I wouldn't bother adding any lime either. I don't know why I just never have so wouldn't chance it.
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    In situ cornice with bonding & multi?

    I think as malc says buying a cornice is the best thing to do But if you really want to run it you need a good horse(mould with a good steel plate) and your wall and ceiling to be nice and straight. Do 1 side at a time the full length of the wall. Build out with bonding, all but maybe 10mm...
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    plasterers Coventry

    It's a poor rate weather you do 40m2 a day or 100m2 a day. If you are doing 75m2 a day 5 days a week and you are finished about half 3 you will need to be making big money because the body won't do that for too long.
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    plasterers Coventry

    It is a very poor rate and the problem is as long as people are willing to do it for that it will only continue.
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    Things are getting busy here. Great to see it! Long may it last! It's been quiet for long enough!!
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    something not right

    We did a house a few weeks back where upstairs was skimmed with BG and then downstairs skimmed with ultra finish. World of difference, the BG was dirt and left tiger strips were as the ultra finish looked great! Only difference was the skim!
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    Hi guys

    Welcome Big. Nice to get the first post out of the way[emoji4]
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    Pricing by the meter

    Linear is anything under 300mm. If you can get the same rate as pet m2 you are doing well. Most QS' will put it at 50%. Then X amount per meter for bead. Even better if they are big openings get paid for going through them.
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    We done a job recently for £8400 for a contractor that told us a man from buncrana co dunegal had called in to get pricing it. He let him price it, his price was 6000 euro!! The contractor said for him write it down so he wouldn't forget but in truth he got him to write it down as he thought...
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    Plastering stories

    "Your putting that on inside out!" Ha Ha do you come up with them
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    Pvc Internal Bead.

    You are just great at the jokes! The only thing missing is a punch line?
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    Pvc Internal Bead.

    No I don't know any Dougies
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    Pvc Internal Bead.

    We were asked to use PVC skim bead on an internal once. Tried a few but it was no good. They were to flexy and the web was to proud, impossible to get right. When I showed the contractor he was happy to go back to the usual bead.
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    Everybody is busy?

    Good to see most are busy. We hope to up our rates in the new year. They had to go down when there was little work, it's only fare they go up again with more work out there.
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    Recessions over

    Great to hear things are busy. It's been bad for too long. We are all well due a good spell and any man that has stuck out deserves a great turn out if it!
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    external render job

    You can go over the rend-aid with sand and cement no problem. If you want you can put mesh in the scratch coat. Put a pass on,trowel the mesh in then another lick of scratch over the mesh, just make sure it's wet on wet and that you have no mesh showing. Let it cure and top!
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    light weight plastet

    I meant dabs over the fixings
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    light weight plastet

    We did inside of a church a few years back were they wanted lime done over the membrane. Did a small sample for them but it cracked like mad as we told them it would. They ended up having to dot and dab and skim. The fella that did the dot and dab just put the babs were there was a fixing...
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    Baumit lime render

    Yes that's what I mean. Is it any different with this gear?
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    Baumit lime render

    Nice one! Sounds nice gear! Will there be much babysitting now?
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    I give up

    I know what you mean, makes you wonder who is the clown!!
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    Blown is render

    Could be just the hot weather john?
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    Blown is render

    My mistake. They certainly set very hard. K-rend and weber are the only 2 I've used. K-rend base coat you couldn't mark with a hammer!
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    Blown is render

    Yea maybe a small bit weaker will do no harm but I don't like my scratch being too weak. All the bag renders seem very strong.
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    Blown is render

    It can be hit and miss too. Nice when you do get clean coarse sand. When the thing was real busy they were leaving sand out half washed full of clay!
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    Blown is render

    I like my mix stronger than that to be honest, I like to keep it 3 sand 1 cement scratch and 4 sand 1 cement 0.5 lime float. Lime is optional.
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    external rendering of an outdoor bbq/fireplace

    Same as above tho not sure you should use PVC where there will be high temperature
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    Skimming 'blown' off sand/cement backing?

    Wouldn't use waterproofer in S&C when skimming over it. You need suction to help the bond.
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    Receiver coat over dashing

    I think K-rend do a light weight receiver for dry dash that is designed to go straight over old dash. If it's wet dash I would put the butter coat over the old dash and dash on the same day.