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    Bonding coat

    Hi guys customer has had a wall skimmed by other plasterers 3 times now and it's blown its on bonding coat in an attic so it's hot up there Pva is not good enough no matter how many coats you do. Was recommended gypprime or bostik cement one plasterer stabaliser
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    Tape and jointing

    Customer has boarded and angle beaded the room and asked for me to tape and joint. I would have skimmed it but that's what they have asked for. Interested do any of you tape your beads with filler and paper tape or scrim tape or not at all I've seen people do all 3
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    Damp patch

    Hi guys. So went to a job today a old house all solid walls. The outside window wall above the wardrobe had a big damp patch apparently due to a leaky roof. I advised even tho they don't want to skim above the wardrobe just next to it which I don't get hy leave a square patch... they should hack...
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    Hi chaps one thing always confused me is the low and high suction. I've always Pva and bond walls when they have been stripped back to brick or breeze block but some use hardwall any advise