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    Make good finish

    Any1 used this make good finish from bnq if so what’s it like
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    Government grant

    Been on books about 6 year for a housing association and went back self employed in July 2019. Does anyone know if I will be due any money from government or will I get shafted? I’ve completed my tax return for 2019/2020 if that helps
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    Government grant

    I’ve been on books 7 years working for a housing association, went back on site july2019, back self employed does anyone know if I will be eligible for some money from them or will I be shafted? completed 2019/2020 tax return too dunno if that helps. Works been slow since all this has happend 2...
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    Can you dash to one coat Weber render

    Got a dashing job to do and struggling to get the powder for the job was just wondering if you could dash to one coat Webber render anybody on here have any clue as to weather it can be done or to avoid it cheers any feedback is welcome