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  1. jeanclaudevangyproc

    Paper peeling of new board

    Hey lads not been on for a while as been So busy hope you all ok Had a new pallet of 8x4 board delivered yesterday on job and gone to use them today and noticed the paper had lifted a little on 1200 edge so I pulled it and half the board in paper came away easily no effort so tried it with 4...
  2. jeanclaudevangyproc

    New speedskims

    Just like to thank Scott for my new speedskims that arrived today [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. jeanclaudevangyproc

    Plasterers not turning up

    Don't know about you lads but I'm coming across this more and more lately been and seen three this week that have all said they had someone booked in but they didn't turn up and now can't get hold of them , I've then quoted and got oh well it's twice as much or its a lot more than they quoted...
  4. jeanclaudevangyproc


    Started a job this morning changed Stanley blade tripped on rug 3 needles and 7 stitches later ffs
  5. jeanclaudevangyproc

    Quality tool for sale on ebay!!!

    So i was looking on ebay earlier and came across this ultra new tool only 4 quidish take a look and see what you think:RpS_thumbsup: Plasterboard/Drylining lifting support tool | eBay
  6. jeanclaudevangyproc

    micro corner trowel

    PLASTERING CORNER TROWEL **MICRO** TYPE | eBay just wondering if any of you lads have tried one of these?i got one and use it all the time now
  7. jeanclaudevangyproc

    lovells builders new distance rules

    any of you lads come across this yet we were on a lovells site in october this year and after being induced we had to give our post codes out so i asked why then the foreman replied with theres a new ruling being past that they can only use labour from within a set distance of 30 miles from any...