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  1. Charlie 5

    Old old school

  2. Charlie 5

    Big top

    A duck walks into a bar... ... and walks up to the bartender to order a pint of lager and a ham and cheese sandwich. The bartender is flabbergasted to see a talking duck, but then quickly proceeds to pour the duck his drink and fetch his sandwich after seeing him get impatient A few weeks...
  3. Charlie 5


    Dollys are back in Lidl 10 quid no locking wheel though round or oblong, save those backs!
  4. Charlie 5

    Flea bay

    Any one out there got a decent bit of used kit of the bay. Got this little gem today, This is my first Mt (13in) as I'm a refina bod.nice and straight hopefully get to use it fairly soon
  5. Charlie 5

    Refina superflex2

    Hi all Anybody out there using a Refina superflex2 ?? If so how you getting on with it and any problems encountered so far?
  6. Charlie 5


    Hi all new to this forum, but like what I see.all the best guys.