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    If you go to B and Q you can get some good brushs cheap by taking the barcode sticker off the brroom head and sticking a cheap pole in to it with a barcode on the pole then they just take the pole price thinking it is all one product I did this today and got two good brushes that should have...
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    plasterer s bath

    what are these for. they are in toolstation and i saw another plasterer take one in a house last week. spencer mentioned them once at able but we did'nt use you just pot your skim or bonding in like its a big bucket and then mix with the mixer or do tou use a shovel. also do you think...
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    what job are you the proudest of

    what job was your best you did. i did a bathroom last week where another plasterer told them he could only dot and dab but they wanted it solid. i knocked all the brick off and then floated it with bonding and then skimmed. it looked perfect and they want me back to to an outhouse
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    i have been really busy non stop in the last few weeks am made up. if i get a laborer to help out how do i make him my apprentice? do i have to send him to college or does he do that? i would like him to learn on the job for commitment can i get a grant if he has been on the dole then i would...
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    brown face of board

    why ca'nt i plaster on the brown face of the board where it says plaster on other side only. the house owner today was saying in the olden days the brown face was plastererd and why did'nt they do that now. i did'nt really know what to say to him ?
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    Property Care Association Surveyor

    i have been looking at damp over this weekend trying to add more strings to my bow kind of. are any of you surveyors for the PCA you can do a three day coarse and then you are a Assessed Damp and Timber Surveeyor. it costs around six or seven hundred pounds or a bit more if you do the mock...
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    plastic bricks

    i have been thinking about this today got a quote for a damp coarse but i do'nt really know much about it. why has'nt anyone invented plastic bricks for a layer when the houses are built the same colour as other bricks they have plastic vents do'nt they? even for a damp coarse after the house is...
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    paper tape falling off

    hi fellas i skimmed a ceiling today that was a right mess but i do'nt know why. it was a swirl artex patten but there was paper tape all over it that had blown or blistererd when i started scraping i scraped the whole ceiling off the artex was that soft and the tape just peeled off i'm...
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    will we ever be replaced

    i have just seen a video on youtube about self levelling plaster does anyone evr think we will become surplus and be replaced by machines or that applying plaster will become like anyone can do it. like buying paint and pianting it on say. there is also a video about a rendering machine from...
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    plastering on wood

    on my coarse we laerned "plaster on wood is no good" when i come across an old timber lintel i will screw plasterboard over it or will cut eml and fix it with clout nails but why can you plaster on lathe then?
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    cleaning whisk / paddle

    do'nt know if you blokes know this one but if you throw a handful of gravel in your splash bucket or some stones it will clean your whisk really good :RpS_thumbup:
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    waterproofer in hardwall

    just a quick one fellas im doing an wall today in hardwall it is double skin but i want to be on the safe side. is it okay to put waterproofer in the mix like with a scratch coat for sand and cement:RpS_biggrin:
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    damp questions

    hi lads i have been to see a damp job and have some questions for you before i know to price it. the man is doing the injection coarse and just wants me to plaster over it. i have read on some sites that the sand and cement scratch coat should be 1 and a hlf centimeters and the second coat the...
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    going round lights

    hey fellas how do you go round lights when skimming ceilings. mine look a bit scruffy i trwel out from the light but can never seem to leave it without some small ridges always being there if you see what i mean. nice one. any tips:RpS_biggrin:
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    drawing pins

    i have been dabbing today and were i would usually use clout nails for the angle beads or stick with plaster i used drawing pins and it worked fine. sometimes the clout nails can just destroy an edge when tapped to hard but with the pins i could put up round above the windows and above doors...
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    i have a quote on pebbledashing kitchen extension. it is only a storey high. i've done rendering before. how much do you put on renderwise before dashing would you put a couple squrare on or would you put a whole wall on and then do it. i admit do'nt know abour pebbledashing thankyou for any advice
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    Dropping plaster

    I was working today with and elctrician and when I had scraped some wallpaper and started to brush up he said to leave it because any plaster i would drop would land on it and would'nt land on the floor. Not heard of this before but it was a good tip so I will share it with the...
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    quotes /

    how do you all get work from quotes for jobs. i did one a few days back vut they have'nt phoned me yet. i take a clipboard and measure the room then say i will work out the prices and phone them but at this quote was another plasterer who just looked at it then said could he have a word and i...
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    hello fellow plasterers

    hi the name is dave. just came across the site while on google looking for other onfo and thought it looked a laugh. finished a city and guilds coarse for pastering a few months back and am fully qualified and looking for a few simple answrs for spreading if thats okay 1. i got the city and...