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  1. stuy

    How to tell if moulding is lime or plaster of paris

    White wine vinegar onto lime will fizzle
  2. stuy

    Top trowels

    Start Monday
  3. stuy

    Lime plasterwork course incorporated with insitu mouldings

    Seems to be a lot of miss information here chaps the course is ran at silver trowel because we haven’t got the facility’s to do it ourselves it’s not silver trowel idea it was mine !!! Because we really struggle to get plasterers to work on these types of work , I’m a bit delusioned from the...
  4. stuy

    Lime plasterwork course incorporated with insitu mouldings

    As soon as I’ve some dates il post them we find it hard to get good plasterers in this sector of plasterwork the money is so much better than typical plasterers rates that some companies pay !!
  5. stuy

    Lime plasterwork course incorporated with insitu mouldings

    It will be at silver trowel Just seeing what response I will get did arrange one this year but a few pulled out so had to cancel contact Colin at silver trowel and we will sort some dates for the spring
  6. stuy

    Lime plasterwork course incorporated with running insitu

    Hi chaps posted this in courses section if interested stu
  7. stuy

    Lime plasterwork course incorporated with insitu mouldings

    Hi all , I’ve been asked to offer a 3/4 day course on lime plastering and internal and external mouldings ( Roman cement etc) it will be taught by myself and Gary jones we are both master plasterers working on several large conservation contracts with over 70 yrs experience between us! If anyone...
  8. stuy

    Lime on internal walls

    Hi we are using ready mixed it’s easier and saves time from chalk down lime great material
  9. stuy

    Lime on internal walls

    Please exuse the spelling errors bloody phone !!
  10. stuy

    Lime ashlar stucco

    Some current projects in kent for GJ Fiborus and solid plasterwork
  11. stuy

    Insitu mouldings in Roman cement

    A string course ran in Roman cement in kent
  12. stuy

    Lime on internal walls

    Here is a job we just completed in central London Holborn church
  13. stuy

    Lime on internal walls

    Hi 3 coat system using a non hydraulic lime ( putty) scratch coat then allow to carbonated 1 week give or take ,floating coat same both approximately 9/12 mm thick obviously depends on wall being plastered, finishing coat lime putty finish with fine sand two coat lay first on with a wooden...
  14. stuy

    Ecocork lime

    Just a plastic float , no need to devil it
  15. stuy

    Ecocork lime

    Good stuff, use the spatterdash coat first, any difference between substrates imbed reinforcement mesh in the scratch coat, then after a couple of days float it out not with a devil float just plain float, then skim the hydraulic lime finish in 2 tight passes rub with float finish with a fine...
  16. stuy

    Recommendation please for Lime plastering training.

    Plenty of courses out there , but try and get in with some plasterers there are no substitute for hands on experience
  17. stuy

    working on a jacobean house in cheshire

    Intresting thread,
  18. stuy

    Advice on hand applied plasters in Germany.

    Goldband for me achieved the best finish after 17 years in germany
  19. stuy

    Micro for Lime plaster overskim

    No micro wont do it afraid, you'll have to put on dg27 from baumit its a silicate based permeable consolidation primer thats gives good adhesion properties on the old lime , but its still permeable , so the plaster can still breathe, hope this helps stu
  20. stuy


  21. stuy

    Job spec

    You'll need good plasterers for that mike people who can use a straight edge! As for the material not used it, but the inside work done loads using schell putz beads plumped in and lined up, and walls squared up stuy
  22. stuy

    Lime Plastering Courses

    Something might be available in the coming months mate, the day courses are not really up to the mark to be honest, Myself and mayti are working on something it may come to fruition hopefully.
  23. stuy

    pft ritmo m 110v

    Got my ritmo up for sale on ebays all details are there comes with all brand new pipes and cables and 110v 5kva transformer in very good condition! Just got too much heritage work so the machine is just not getting used pm me if intrested looking for genuine offers
  24. stuy

    Ashlar bands and quoins

    ramboo tools ireland do a quoin cutter, look for it on e bay i got one used a couple of time looks tidy and gives a consistant depth and width of quoins just a thought stuy
  25. stuy

    A Little Job From the Archives

    nice work trev
  26. stuy

    shellac replacement

    it does go a long way to be honest, and i think gives the best results
  27. stuy

    Ramboo Featheredge

    they are not flexible they are used mainly for machine projection plastering very poplar in germany and holland they are used in similar way to a darby by pushing the wall flat and then the wall is ruled again with a proper feather edge, edge on. not any other way because LONG feather edges...
  28. stuy

    lime refurbishment

    thats the problem on all jobs lately is when you discuss price and various methods they will nearly always go for the quick fix rather than the long term solution , it is a bit tricky to get a finish with regency on dg27!! but is possible, and didnt know that you wanted a fine sponge finish...
  29. stuy

    lime refurbishment

    distemper to emulsion or vis versa? skimming with walls primed with dg27 and skimmed with regency plaster from mike wye common practice ,
  30. stuy

    Uneven render in sunlight

    hi and welcome!! we are plasterers and we finish by hand, not with a machine , you will never beat the sun i am afraid , dont be to hard on your self mate , the sun can make the finest plasterers look dodgy mate
  31. stuy

    render machine

    i may do rigsby, bought it of ryan of plasterers one stop shop its in very good clean condt etc..
  32. stuy


    nice to meet you today mayti mate !! we are going to have a busy year i rekon
  33. stuy

    render machine

    only a couple of bags of ocr in the garden!! was going to move it on , mainly because i am so stacked out with heritage work
  34. stuy

    render machine

    i went and got one 4 mnths ago still havent used it yet!!! stuck on a big heritage job but cant wait to use it!!
  35. stuy


    invisible mate, will ring you tomorow mat
  36. stuy

    cornice restoration

    looks very good to me ,well done
  37. stuy

    Fibrous plasterer required

    Strike!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fish on
  38. stuy

    Lath/Lime Ceiling Failure.

    shouldnt be a major problem with an occupied property a bit warmer and dryer! and she access to her dressing room what more does she want!!!
  39. stuy

    Skimmer wanted stockport

    i thought a skimmer was a small freshwater bream!!!!!! and the big ones were slabs
  40. stuy

    Lath/Lime Ceiling Failure.

    good on the architect i rekon!!
  41. stuy

    Fibrous plasterer required

    some very nice work you have put out there mate!!
  42. stuy

    Render spray gun

    i think its pft wales , ian your man
  43. stuy

    whos work is this then?

    anyone got some filler?