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    Let it be, Let it bee!

    Evening people hope all is well? I don't know how, when or why exactly but over the past few weeks to me own detriment have developed a habit of troweling the wall/lid to early. Creating me self nothing but agg, :tonto:tiger strips, ripples, lumps and bump, which then struggle like f**k to then...
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    Kick in the nuts

    Does anyone else ever have them days when you think I give up with this plastering/rendering malarkey?! You try your best, knock your pipe out, work lates, get up early, etc and it only takes a light flicked the wrong way or the sun glacing through the window across the wall, and in the blink...
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    Timing timing timing

    Afternoon people hope all is fine and dandy? Recently had bit if mare with builder, work got pulled under torch light, (which has now been sorted) understand its not the way to judge plastering, but even still wasn't happy with my work. And as since been trying different methods etc and think...
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    Mt black red original or permashape?

    Afternoon good people, Originals or permashape marshalltowns ss or carbon what's people's preference? In the market for another setting trowel ideally would like to stick to the Mt's as most places stock can get your hands on one to check its not dog legged before you buy it, as online buys you...
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    Jack it in, Gutted, help!

    Have been sent some photos from a builder have done some work for, condemned work ive done for him. I'm gutted as thought at the time walls had generally finish up ok. Hold me hands up from the pictures it's mortifying and rough. Have of course offered to come back free of charge an put right...
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    Vertical or horizontal screeds?

    Afternoon people, hope all is fine an dandy? Had a ganders through the forum an must admit this subject has done the rounds few times but been doing some floating last week (hardwall) thought change it up a bit an used horizontal screeds one about head height and one along bottom of wall, from...
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    Mojo gone

    Been off for few months after shoulder opp, but christ where do I begin?! Having an absolute mare troweling up, timings gone to pot, little blemishes here and there fat Mark's the list goes on. God awful and embarrassing to say the least. Expected maybe a little bit of tail spin the first hit...
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    Hot weather vs rendering

    Hi hope all are well? Quick question, did some sand an cement rendering back in june scratch coat and then bit of top coating. Problem at the time was that weather was roasting about 26 27, with the sun shining directly at some of the walls, explained to builder at time that not happy nor best...
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    And so... is this the end...?!

    Hi gents, had a mare the weekend come off be motorbike broken collarbone and broken shoulder blade, 6 -12 weeks recovery should also be finding out in next couple of days as to whether surgery for metal plate.....:crying: Anyways just thought post to see if any one on this glorious forum has...
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    Bad day at the office

    Anyone else have days when it all goes wrong or have a mare?! Started new job last week sent to a job skim room out, instead of two sensible under control sets decide it was a good idea to go big and put on a show and put lot on.... well end result chased arse off and s**t, blemishes streaks...
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    Sbr instead of water proofer

    Has anyone used sbr instead of waterproofer?? Was doing a slurry and had some left over thought chuck it in scratch instead if WP.... Well that's were I come unstuck, sucked like f**k ! Was chasing it from the off! Literally put on rule, float, sponge up! Could half understand if wall was in...
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    How straight and flat can you get it?

    Morning all! Been doing some floating this week hardwall couple rooms and bit of sand cement in bathroom, was wondering how flat can you get it? Understand that ya never goner get it completely utterly flat, but after ruling checking ruling again walking away coming back checking etc all seems...
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    Lighting is there any mercy!?

    Always scrutinisng and knick picking at my work both while laying on etc and even more so once finished, to the point of near foaming at the mouth with frustration! :X3: ... But of late (and for reasons I'm yet to fathom as only encourages more blind rage) have started to go over work tight to...
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    Free ruling vs screeds

    Generally put up vertical screens either end off wall and use these to fill in the middle. But after floated small area 1.5m by 1m free hand earlier in the day, thought I'll up the anty a little.... took on 4m but 2.4 not massive but all over the show in and out with bear brick, tile...
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    Floating methods

    Afternoon all, Have been floating some walls recently and playing around with different methods just wondered what you're ways and preferences were? Have tried loading wall on and free ruling but struggled on bigger areas ( flank walls/ over 3meter high). Was taught box screed method but have...
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    Death by steaks

    Hold me hands up and ready for a deserved ear bashing, have a had a mare with few walls recently been paint and the streak marks are atrocious to say the least! Only think can think of is have gone on wall to early and at to sharper angle with trowel? Tried little water, brushing trowel and no...
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    Timings streaks

    Apologies in advance if I'm going over old ground... Is anyone else finding that the streak's in multi finish are getting worse?! Whether it be over board, hardwall, re skim etc, litteraly finding now ( after 4 buggered up streaking walls) having to let finish go almost to the point of bone dry...
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    Less water the better!

    Has anyone else found that litteraly minimal water is need at all to finish a set? Only really not since the new bags of finish showed up? Always told and taught to never flood the wall or lash water at it at every opportunity, which I don't do, but even the occasional time I brush bit of the...
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    Trouble with reveals

    Hi all need some help and advice plastering reveals, have noticed slight arching in the corners (not square nice right angles) where the head of the reveal meets the wall, tried corner trowel while plaster wet and as firming up,tried picking out corner with the toe of the trowel, tried just...
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    Monocouche finishing trouble

    Hi all just signed up the the forum, only just starting getting into the monocouche render struggling to fine the best way to finish it? I beam it then scratch it or just scratch? Plus how do get out a flat spot?
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    monocouche finishing trouble

    Hi all just signed up the the forum, only just starting getting into the monocouche render struggling to fine the best way to finish it? I beam it then scratch it or just scratch? Plus how do get out a flat spot?