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  1. scottcurtis484

    P1 d6 3 rotor

    Ayup guys anybody know how the p1 d6 3 orange twister rotor handles k1 silicone. Cheers for any info . Also usually use soft one works a treat .
  2. scottcurtis484

    generater messing up

    ayup iv had problem today with generator which runs fine no issue just wen turn on my machine it trips instantly . if any1 knows anything . much apprciated
  3. scottcurtis484

    air valve problem

    ayup lads. anybody any clues why my air shut off on gun wen turning back on only sometimes re starts up the machine ... randomly sometimes starts otherwise need to press green button start manually . im using eze k4+ ....for me is a very good machine aswell very good performance other than this...
  4. scottcurtis484


    ayup does anybody know where or who could give machine training near manchester . pft nothern booked for 5weeks .
  5. scottcurtis484

    r + s info

    which is best r + s for k4 to use with k1 silicone and monerex gm also ? anybody enlighten me plz
  6. scottcurtis484

    ayup guys

    1st machine owner ...eze k4 any tips about
  7. scottcurtis484

    hello im new

    not freytend of abit a graft