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    You seem these awesome got to get one (I'm a right GEEK)

    You seen these awesome getting one (I'm a right GEEK) XHose Product Video - YouTube
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    Rated People ?

    I'm registered with them and its handy for quick fill the gaps work but some of the jobs make me laugh just had one pop up removed tiles from seven ceiling and hall and landing and re-skim all ceilings price under £250 and the scary thing is somebody has all ready purchased it? :RpS_confused:
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    Cheapest place for light weight cove?

    Need a shed load of light weight cove 90mm need cheapest suppliers cheers :RpS_biggrin:
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    Are your websites working?

    I'm getting my website built at the moment just wanted to see how much business your websites are generating guys I was always local paper advertised in the past but a lot of people say its a waste of time and money now thanks in advance.:RpS_biggrin:
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    What finishing trowel should I get

    Using my 14" marshall to lay on, my 800mm spat to flat, what should I get to finish looking at 18" s*p*r*lex refina trowel or 20" Plazie refina buying tomorrow so need advise soon cheers guys. :RpS_unsure:
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    Sorry Speedskim but EZE spat is the dogs

    Finally a nice big ceiling today started flatting first coat with speed skim again the lines so picked up the spat and wow no lines smooth as silk no lines second coat again perfect went over it ten minutes later and then sat down before final trowel no drama no going over lines with my trowel...
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    Keep your spats and speedskim safe

    Hard Rifle or Shotgun Case with Egg Box Foam Padding I'm ordering one 4' long
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    EZE spat ordered!

    Hoping these live up to the rep, the speedskim has so think I might be doing the right thing. plus 9 ceilings is 6 days is starting to take its toll so need as much help as I can. plus 1 stop did me a great deal
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    Customers got to love them? NOT

    Price up a big house full of ceiling over artex and booked it in for this week when priced empty rooms. Now designer hardwood floors and bathrooms tiled up to ceilings and bath and squares his and hers sinks all in place with polished surfaces the living room floor original soft wood wood block...
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    Selco why do I bother!

    Like the Aldi of the building world cheep products crap quality just got a roll of self adhesive scrim pile of **** had to lay it on in first coat in the end wasn't that cheep either! :mad:
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    Just want to be a spread but getting pulled back into building game no builders left?

    Had building business for years but reduced it all down to just me plastering but i'm finding myself being pulled back into it again where have all the builders gone there is so much work out there with nobody bothered to even price it up? We are in recession right?:confused:
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    £13.99 for ten liters of PVA in Wickes

    Damn good price me thinks!
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    Thinking of buying machine by end of year best one?

    I'm only doing domestic work but looking to specialize in ceilings (all I seem to do anyway) just looking for good machine to spray multifinish and board finish seem the wagner machines wagner airless spray plastering EIFS pumps any good? need help cheers.:RpS_unsure:
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    Well done the deed and bought a 1200mm Speedskim

    Hitting my big ceiling Monday so bought speedskim hope it lives up to the hype? :RpS_unsure:
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    30 2 m ceiling to skim over Artex next week on my own

    Got a massive ceiling to do next week on my jack .Getting it laid on is no problem but stopping it going off before i can get back to start is. Any tactic to slowing down the process guys? or should I share the wealth and get some help :RpS_unsure: Ceiling done only one thing i can say my new...
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    Need to find a tanking slurry that can be rendered over any ideas guys?

    On a job where wall are partly underground and got bad water penetration looking for a slurry brush on tanking system but need to scratch and finial render coat it quickly any ideas guys cheers Rob.
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    Pricing for work

    Hi been away from trade for 3 Years just started back last week priced up a four room job walls and ceilings quoted £1000 inc materials works out £250 a room is that a good price these days I have no idea where pricing is at? :RpS_unsure: Many Thanks Rob