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    Help required with Tyrolean

    Evening fellas, Got a property to price up that I've hacked off a square meter of the old heavy tyrolean finish. ( 150m2 in total ). It's falling off in most areas and absorbing water but the brickwork beneath is Shot to S##t, all the faces of the brickwork has blown and I can only see the...
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    Lumps on Hands.!!

    Just intrigued as to how many spreads have tiny lumps on their hands?? Another couple of spreads I know have the same - mole sized lumps, and I just wondered if it had something to do with the bags of finish??? Or it could be just us Northerners are Mutating !!
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    Spanish Knife Texture Artex

    Just on the off chance!! Got a couple of walls to artex for a customer that has a really Thick spanish knife texture to match existing artex. Picture supplied. Now I'm normally covering this unattractive stuff, but does any one have any tips for a quick application. Can I be troweled on first...
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    Basecoat help required. !!

    Hi, applied my base coat today with mesh coat and then topped it all of with a final coat of base coat 5mm total and it bounced it down, full scale downpour! ( weather forecast was predicting dry all day !! ) It made it very difficult to trowel up and has left very faint trowel/ spatula...
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    Help Required !! Backs gone !!!

    Long story short - Lifting a bag of the old finish and back had sharp shooting pain and could pick owt else up. Now I've 2/3 weeks of solid well paid work which in turn will help pay for a new van to start my new buisness ( hate lending money) So my question is can any one recommend any good...
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    Am I losing the Plot ??

    Priced a full 4 bedroom detached house. New build - dry lining to breeze block and skim ( Customer supplying all materials ) and he just wanted a price for labour. I priced job at £2500 He then laughed and said he had already had a quote for £1200 !! Don't think my price was...
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    Weber Pral Help

    I have done many jobs using webber mono, always Ivory! The last job had 1 panel 3x2m panel which had direct sunlight all day on a hot day. It has slight dis colour and a large halo, even though it was put on with 2 passes at 10mm each all levelled off ect. Spoke to webber and they have said...