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    BG Community WhatsApp Group

    You can join our British Gypsum Community WhatsApp Group to get quick answers to questions and queries and network with other plasterers around the UK. To join, just click this link.
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    Run, walk or cycle 5k in May for CRASH Charity

    CRASH exists to deliver meaningful social impact to communities across the UK by helping homelessness charities and hospices with vital construction projects. More info about CRASH charity - Donate £5 to CRASH...
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    #TimeToTalk Day 2021

    4th February 2021 is #TimeToTalk Day 2021, it comes at a time where it is even more important that we stay connected and keep in touch with one another. If you need support, there are a list of places where you can find help on the Time to Talk website here Make sure to...
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    Book a Virtual 1-2-1 with a British Gypsum Support Manager

    If you have a question on a particular issue, product or job, you can arrange a 15 minute virtual drop-in session with a British Gypsum support manager, reply to this thread to request a session.
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    British Gypsum COVID-19 update - 22 May 2020

    This week, we have been able to scale up production rapidly. For plasterboard, we are up to approximately 80% of our pre-pandemic capacity. For plaster, we are already at 80% of our pre-pandemic capacity and have been able to significantly increase the volumes being allocated to your usual...
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    If you’re keen to know what we’re doing to support plasterers and tradesmen get back to business – then it’s worth listening to our MD Matt Pullen talk to Fix Radio presenter Clive Holland on yesterday’s show. To listen, just click here
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    Hi there, please find a below our latest announcement and a link for more information: We have now successfully implemented new Safe Operating Procedures enabling the successful re-start of our mining, manufacturing and logistics across the UK. We are now rapidly scaling up our operations...
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    British Gypsum response to questions posted on the Forum

    Thank you to everyone who posted questions for the team at British Gypsum. There have been many questions relating to the availability of plaster and plasterboard from British Gypsum. To help, we have assembled them in a new frequently asked questions page on our website, visit...
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    Afternoon all, we are still receiving questions from you this afternoon and want to deal with them all as fully as we can. We will post the responses on Monday. We really appreciate your patience.
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    ***Q&A this Friday with British Gypsum***

    Hi - we've had 7 responses all favouring pre-posted questions in response to the invite for a Q&A session with us this week. As @zombie points out they really big question is - when will stock be available? Can you please drop a note on this thread with any other questions you've got? Thanks
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    Live Q&A with British Gypsum, Friday 1 May

    Hi - understandably you've all got lots of questions and right now we are limited to what we can tell you other than our own production starts next week. But by this time next week we should have lots more useful information to share with you. So how about we host a Q&A next Friday, giving you...
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    Thistle Plasters Q&A

    Hi all, Quite a few of you have asked for an open discussion on this forum so we will be taking live questions for an hour next Wednesday, 28th November from 5 to 6pm. If the time doesn't suit, please feel free to post the questions in advance on this thread and we will do our best to cover...
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    Let's Talk

    Morning all and happy Monday. We really do want to have conversations with you about our plaster products. If you would like to discuss any issues about plaster please send your contact details to and someone from the team will be in touch. We hope everyone...
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    Fancy joining us for a night at the pub?

    On Wednesday 5th July we will be hosting an evening of beer, pub grub, product demos and plasterers’ chat in Hemel Hempstead. This is an opportunity for local plasterers to see new products such as Thistle Bonding 60, catch-up with other plasterers and meet the British Gypsum team. Sign up to...
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    Calling all Birmingham plasterers!

    On Thursday 9th Feb we will be hosting an evening of beer tasting, product demos and plasterers’ chat in Birmingham. This is an opportunity for you to see new products such as Thistle Bonding 60, catch-up with other local plasterers and meet the British Gypsum team. If you would like to join...
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    Certified Plasterer Scheme - Q&A

    Hi all, it’s time for another Q and A! This time we’ll be discussing the Certified Plasterer Scheme as we know you have a lot of questions. As usual, we’ll be keeping an eye out for your questions and we’ll be answering them in a live session on Friday 9th September. Cheers, British Gypsum
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    Some of you eagled-eye plasterers may have spotted that we’ve been filming for our Gadget Gear video series. We’ll be keeping you updated with links when these go live, but here are the first ‘how to’ videos to have a look at:
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    So, we just spotted this and it made us laugh – who do you reckon should have moved the plaster?
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    Thistle Undercoats Q&A

    Hi all, It’s time for another Q&A! This time we’ll be looking at Thistle Undercoat Plasters on 7th October at 4pm. As usual, we’ll be taking live questions for an hour but let us know if you have any in advance - our favourite may just win a prize! Cheers, British Gypsum
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    DIY SOS: The Big Build - can you help?

    Hi everyone, We’re working with ISG, an international construction services company and the BBC on DIY SOS: The Big Build, for a Veteran’s Special and we need your help! We need plastering volunteers to help with the most ambitious build ever: turning 7 derelict houses in Manchester into a...
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    Thistle Magnetic Plaster Q&A

    Hi all, You may remember a couple of months ago we held a Thistle UniFinish Q&A and following your feedback our next session is going to be on Thistle Magnetic Plaster. This Friday, (June 12th) Plaster Product Manager, Paul Cassidy, will be online between 4-5pm to answer all your Magnetic...
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    Thistle UniFinish Q&A

    Hi all, We know you’ve got a lot of questions and feedback for us on Thistle UniFinish (and plenty of other topics!) so we’re going to start hosting Q&A sessions. Our first will be on April 8th with our Innovation Project Manager, Steve Limb, who can talk all things Thistle UniFinish. He’ll be...
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    #BGShoutOut Apprentice Competition

    Hi all, To celebrate the success of the Thistle Plaster Partnership Learning Hub we’ve launched a competition just for plastering apprentices. So, if you fancy getting your hands on one of five PS4s, plus a trip down a British Gypsum mine, just post your best plastering work on Twitter...
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    Free Ice Scraper

    Hi all, On behalf of all of the British Gypsum team we wanted to wish you a merry Christmas, and in the spirit of the festive period we're offering forum members a free British Gypsum ice scraper. Hopefully it will be useful in the coming weeks! Just head to the website and let us know where...
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    Thistle UniFinish

    Hi all! As some of you will be aware, we’ve been working on a new, reformulated Thistle UniFinish. We just wanted to let you know this has now launched and all the details and FAQs can be found on the British Gypsum website: Thistle UniFinish Thanks
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    British Gypsum Sounding Board

    Hi everyone, We know you’re all keen to let us know what you think, so to help make this easier we’re pleased to announce the launch of the British Gypsum Sounding Board. The Sounding Board is the first construction industry online panel that allows our customers to take part in surveys...
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    British Gypsum: Bag Update

    Hi everyone, We wanted to let you know that the team looking at the plaster bags have identified some key areas of improvement and we're in the process of making the required changes at the moment. We hope that these improvements will filter into the market within the next 2 months. We'll...
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    British Gypsum Product Trial

    Hi all, We’re always interested in hearing your feedback so we were wondering if anyone would be interested in taking part in a product trial? For this trial, we’re looking for plasterers who already use Thistle Browning Plaster. If you’re interested, send an email to...
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    Thistle Uni-Finish Update

    We would like to inform our customers that following a very small number of product performance issues, we have taken the decision to recall Thistle Uni-Finish plaster. We are extremely sorry for the disruption that recalling this product may cause, however we feel this is the responsible way...